Europe bustles with unique destinations. Thousands of years of some of the most important cultural movements and moments in the world have taken place all over the continent. From plazas skirted by vibrant hues of amber-leaf trees, pristine palaces and colossal cathedrals gleaming in the autumn sun, to spectacular glaciers, fjords and heaths – get inspired and discover them for yourself!

Geneva, Switzerland

Accoladed for the quality of life on offer, Geneva is a postcard-perfect town offering a combination of culture and industry. With snow-capped mountains, bodies of water and vast green spaces, the charming town sets the scene for a memorable encounter with nature.

Moscow, Russia

Prepare to be mesmerised by the myriad of cultural artefacts in Moscow. With its flamboyant architecture and proud monuments, the Russian capital enchants all those who visit. Experience gripping theatre, sure to leave you at the edge of your seat or admire the work of Malevich and other renowned avant-garde artists of the city.

Barcelona, Spain

This cosmopolitan city is welcoming, lively and endlessly charming. Lose yourself in its historical city centre, colorful streets and vibrant tapas bars. Watch out for architect Antoni Gaudi´s many works of art that gracefully coexist among Barcelona´s cityscape making it ever so picturesque.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon will take your breath away in more ways than one. Snug against the Atlantic and nestled in hills, everything from the tantalizing seafood to the Baroque architecture will catch your eye. Make sure to bring your most comfortable shoes; the views from the top of Lisbon´s seven hills demand to be seen.

Bucharest, Romania

Find yourself at the heart of Romania, in Bucharest; complete with grand state buildings and palatial architecture. Tour the many magnificent museums this city has to offer or enjoy an evening stroll on the boulevard leading up to the Palace of Parliament. For a more gothic getaway, discover the doorway to Dracula´s castle in Romania´s very own, Transylvania!

Munich, Germany

Munich resonates with individuality and heritage. Wander the streets of this Bavarian jewel to discover spectacular art and one-of-a-kind culture. With biergartens at every corner and the annual Oktoberfest, Munich is the place to go for a cheerful yet unique travel experience.

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