Europe bustles with unique wonders; sunny plazas streaked with bright coloured paint, pristine palaces, colossal cathedrals, and spectacular glaciers, fjords and heaths. Explore them all for yourself!

Paris, France

Paris is the joy of so many little things: the scent of warm bread and hot coffee, the elegant style of its residents, and the laughter and clinking of glasses that rolls from the cafes and bars late at night. A city bursting with culture, fashion and culinary delights - Paris has a little something for everyone.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a city that holds on proudly to its heritage but never stops moving forwards. This is where influential trends are born, with the fashion, design and culinary worlds all paying close attention. Surrounded by sea and by forest, Sweden´s capital is also one of the greenest and most environmentally-commited in the world.

Berlin, Germany

Despite its ever-present history around every corner, from monuments to Soviet-era buildings, Berlin is one of the youngest and most modern cities in Europe. The city pulses day and night with young partygoers packing out the quirky underground clubs and tourists revelling in contemporary or historical art alike.

Oslo, Norway

After a devastating fire in 1624, the city was rebuilt from the ashes – literally – and adorned in the most beautiful colours in iconic Scandinavian style. The wonders of the city itself should not be looked down upon, but the breathtaking beauty of the world-renowned Norwegian countryside that surrounds it will make for an unforgettable trip.

Milan, Italy

The spiral city of Milan is testament to how Italy prizes its history. Here, churches and skyscrapers battle for your attention above Michelin-star restaurants and traditional cafés. The Italian virtue of design is apparent throughout the city – Milan is, after all, the birthplace of one Leonardo da Vinci.

Rome, Italy

As they say, “all roads lead to Rome”, so you might feel like you already know all about it. What you don´t know is the staggering beauty and sheer scale of the real places behind the history. The stories do no justice to The Coliseum, St. Peter´s Basilica, or Trevi Fountain, and now they´re all in reach from the heart of this passionate and ancient city.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon will take your breath away in more ways than one. Snug against the Atlantic and nestled in hills, everything from the tantalizing seafood to the Baroque architecture will catch your eye. Make sure to bring your most comfortable shoes; the views from the top of Lisbon´s seven hills demand to be seen.

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