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  • Information correct 03rd Aug 2021. Book by 18th August 2021.
  • Prices are based on departures from London Heathrow via Paris and flights may involve connections.
  • Prices advertised are subject to change without notice before a booking is confirmed. Please check exact price and conditions applicable for your chosen dates and flights at time of booking.
  • All prices are in GBP and per passenger for return Economy Class tickets and include taxes and charges.
  • Prices may change to less or more than the displayed fares at short notice as prices and availability are updated frequently. Seat availability may be very limited at the prices displayed for desired travel dates, travel periods can vary and blackout periods may apply.
  • Baggage allowance may differ. Please check at the time of booking.
  • Credit card surcharge may apply up to a maximum of £35 per ticket.
  • Flights may be operated by airline partners in which case Air France products and services may not be available at the airport or on-board.
  • Conditions of carriage and fare rules apply.
  • For more information and for the Air France flexible booking guarantee, please check Air France Protect Commitment. Please ensure that you check all the travel requirements for travel to and from the United Kingdom prior to your journey. For travel restrictions and required documentation, please see TravelDoc.
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