Take advantage of more flights

Air France is now offering more flights with its partner KLM.

Your benefits

You can now book KLM flights on the Air France website. Choose your destination from our worldwide network, and we will give you the lowest fare from Air France or KLM.

With the addition of KLM network, you can benefit from:
• more flights to suit your travel plans,
• the lowest fares
• convenience
• more destinations

Find a flight that best suits you from Buenos Aires now with 10 weekly flights to New York with 9 daily flights......And many more!!

The worldwide network


Air France deploys - together with its partner KLM - a vast and effective global network, offering frequent flights to a wide variety of destinations. Across all continents, Air France and its partner KLM operate several flights every week, even every day, to numerous destinations. Want to know more about the worldwide destinations offered by Air France and its partner KLM?
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