Prepare your trip to Zurich

Zurich, city of multiple facets

Switzerland's famous financial centre, Zurich is a "world-class" city, the same as Paris, London or New York. The city has a population of about 370 000 inhabitants with an international dimension. Zurich is known to be an expensive city. However, there is a lot to see and discover behind the facade of a luxury, world-class city. The charming Swiss city is known for its quality, comfortable lifestyle.
Located to the north of Lake Zurich, the city is close to small mountains such as the Uetliberg and the Zürichberg. The Limmat river also crosses the city. Zurich is divided into 12 arrondissements and 34 quarters.
Zurich is attractive in many ways. It is a city of culture and art. It is also very cosmopolitan with 30% of its population from abroad. Zurich stands out from other Swiss cities for its dynamics and artistic energy. Finally, a trip to Zurich provides the opportunity of staying in a quiet city that is close to nature.

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Visit the old town in Zurich

If you like to go shopping, and particularly luxury shopping, Zurich is the city to shop in. The Banhofstrasse is without a doubt, the city's most famous street. The 1.4 km street is mainly lined with luxury shops and banks and is, in part, one of the reasons for Zurich's reputation.
The Banhofstrasse is located in the old town in Zurich, Altstadt in German, and it ends at the impressive Paradeplatz. The Place of Armes is where the main financial institutions are located, such as the Credit Suisse and the Banque Nationale Suisse.
To discover the old, picturesque town, take Rennweg and then Augustinergasse. The latter street is one of the city's emblems. It leads to the heart of the historical centre, near the St. PeterHofstatt church. Built in Gothic-style, it is one of the oldest churches in Zurich. The church also has one of the largest clock faces in Europe.
Another remarkable religious building in the centre of Zurich is worth a visit. The Fraumünster is famous for its stained glass windows designed by Marc Chagall and Augusto Giacometti.
Continue on to Münsterbrücke, the bridge that crosses the Limmat. Another new church awaits you: the Grossmünster. It is the monastery from which the Reform began in the 16th century. The stained glass windows as well as the Roman crypt are must-sees.
Finally, for a wide-open view of the old city of Zurich, go to the Lindenhof quarter. Many historical events took place in this quarter that is today known for its tranquillity.

Walking in Zurich

The Banhofstrasse is not the only place to shop in the city. For trendy shopping, go to east Zurich where you will find young designer shops. The Niederdorf near the Limmat, is a pedestrian area with many shops and bars that is pleasant during the day and in the evening. Zurich also offers lovely walks in the lake area. The large green areas provide places to walk, ride bikes or swim. During the summer, there are many animations around the lake that create a festive atmosphere.
The Zürichcard is essential to fully enjoy the city. It enables you to travel for free during 24 or 72 hours and it also gives free entrance to some of the city's museums as well as reduced rates in some stores and restaurants. Inquire at the tourist office in Zurich to take advantage of the card..

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