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Nicknamed "the city of seven hills", Yaoundé is the political capital of Cameroon, located in a central province. It is the second largest city in this central African State - just behind the port town of Douala in the West. Yaoundé is thus home to the country's main political and cultural institutions. In addition, its landscapes are extremely diverse and there are many parks there to enjoy. With the international airport of Yaoundé-Nsimalén not far, the city welcomes more and more tourists every year.

A city of contrasts

Yaoundé has a huge heart, that beats at a thrilling speed. A fast pace that is sometimes materialised in its architecture. The capital's centre is thus dominated by the imposing silhouette of the Notre-Dame-des-Victoires cathedral - with its huge white roof that slopes down almost to the ground. Not far from there are the elegant arches of the National Museum, dedicated to Cameroon's history and culture. Still in the heart of the city, near the National Assembly, stands the pyramid-shaped Monument of Reunification - an elegant spiral reminding us of what Cameroon's populations experienced until the country's recent unification.

Though Yaoundé is a dynamic metropolis, the energy emanating from its streets and inhabitants is not enough to wash away the sometimes difficult living conditions and inevitable social tensions that go with them. The large popular districts of Elig Edzoa and Bata-Nlongkak are thus renowned as being the capital's most dangerous. Conversely, the areas in which the administrative buildings stand, as well as the commercial areas of Mokolo - home to Yaoundé large market - and that of Obili filled with bars and shops, are much more attractive for visitors. Once there, the easiest way to get around in town is by hopping into a collective taxi or onto a motorbike-take.

Steeping away from the beaten track

Yaoundé is a city of culture, and boasts lots of restaurants, night clubs and cabarets - perfect for discovering the other facet of Cameroon's capital. Among the many culinary specialities, the bongo'o tjobi or "ebony sauce" is a fresh fish or meat dish seasoned with a mixture of carefully selected spices that give the sauce its black colour. Highly-appreciated in this part of the country, kpem is prepared with folded cassava leaves and palm nut juice. Also known as the "wild boar city", a festival is held once a year during which people hunt wild boars. A large number of rites and traditional dances are thus organised to honour the animal's sacrifice.

Yaoundé is a green city and has many public parks and gardens in which you can stroll and relax. The beautiful surrounding landscapes are also perfect for some lovely outings: walking around the town's lake or heading out to the nearby Fédé mountain offering a splendid view over Cameroon's capital. Families will enjoy a trip to the zoological park and botanical gardens of Mvog-Betsi, as well as the Djoungolo theme park (Kiriakides park).

For more information and to best prepare your trip to Yaoundé, have a look on the website set up by Cameroon's Ministry of Tourism.

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