Uruguay, bridging the gap between Brazil and Argentina

With its surface area of 176 000 km², Uruguay is the smallest country in Latin America. It has a population of 3.5 million inhabitants, half of whom live in the capital, Montevideo, one of the safest cities in the world. The official language is Spanish, but you will often hear Portuguese spoken, especially in the north of the country, near the Brazilian border. The currency is the Uruguayan peso. The climate is subtropical, hot in summer and warm in winter. The landscape is a continuation of the Argentine pampas and is composed primarily of plains and small hills, the cuchillas. Uruguay has a Western lifestyle with some Guarani and African cultural influences. You can visit Uruguay thanks to Air France's regular flights.

What to see in Uruguay

Uruguay has more than 650 km of beaches. Those in Colonia, Santa Teresa and Barra de Valizas for example, will help you to relax, whereas the beaches of La Paloma and Punta del Diablo will appeal more to surfers. Punta del Este is particularly appreciated for its paradisiacal water, as is Cabo Polonio, known for its white dunes and tree-lined walks.
Uruguay is also known for its warm spa water (whose temperature varies between 38 and 46°C), one of the largest reserves in South America.. Relax in the spas at Almirón, Guavivú or Salto Grande.
There are many places in Uruguay where you can sail on the sea or the river. Head for the isle of Gorriti by boat, Piriapolis by yacht or cross the Rio Negro on board a catamaran.

Uruguay, a mixed culture

Uruguayan culture is most noticeable in its music where you can discover the tango and the milonga imported from Argentina, but also specifically Uruguayan rhythms such as the candombe and the murga. These are particularly in evidence during the carnival.
The cookery reveals Spanish and Italian influences, to the point that pasta and pizza have now become national dishes. Nonetheless, the food is largely inspired by its neighbour Argentina and takes the form primarily of grilled meat, the famous asados, eaten with mate, a very hot bitter tea. So don't hesitate, head for Uruguay and treat yourself with an Air France flight .

Preparing your journey to Uruguay