Tunisia and its idyllic beaches

Tunisia is a destination well known for its paradisiacal beaches and the sun which shines almost all year round. The best season to enjoy the Tunisian seaside resorts is definitely autumn. The temperatures are still remarkably pleasant, even in the water! This is the ideal way to lengthen summer and sunbathe before winter sets in. Among the principal destinations is the famous island of Djerba, in the south-east of the country. Air France offers several flights each week to Djerba, a small island with great qualities! Its beaches of fine white sand are magnificent and very welcoming. You can also enjoy various excursions, especially to Flamingo Island, a peninsula north of Djerba where a large number of pink flamingos live. Don't miss the authenticity of Houmt-Souk, the lively and colourful city on Djerba. Another well-known sun-drenched destination in Tunisia is Hammamet, located on the east coast. The beaches are so remarkable that many Tunisians have even built their second homes there. A visit to the town is a must: lively, perfumed and decorated with flowers, you will definitely be delighted by Hammamet! Finally, if you would rather head for the northern coast of Tunisia, choose the seaside resorts of Cap Serrat, Bizerte or Tabarka.

Tunisia and its archaeological sites

Tunisia's archaeological sites are less well known than its beaches, but they are well worth the visit. Tunisia has no fewer than seven World Heritage sites recognised by UNESCO! We should mention that Tunisia's history dates back more than 3 000 years and includes several different civilisations. Among the towns worth visiting, the first is the emblematic Carthage, city founded in the IXth century BC and whose archaeological site is dominated by the Byrsa hill. Carthage is easy to reach: the town is located near the capital, Tunis and Air France offers several flights each week to this destination . Another site near the capital is the port town of Utique, an ancient Tunisian city with its ruins. You can still see the vestiges of a huge 20 000 seat amphitheatre. Finally, another unmissable site in Tunisia is Dougga, a spectacular Mediterranean city where you can visit the remains of the theatre, the capitol and the Roman baths. Before you take off for Tunisia, don't forget to check the legal formalities required for your stay.

Practical information about Tunisia

  • Surface area : 163 000 km2
  • Population : 10,7 million
  • Language : Arabic
  • Currency: Tunisian dinar

Preparing your journey to Tunisia