Discover Tunis, Tunisia's capital

Located in the north of Tunisia, Tunis is located near the gulf of the same name. The current population is over 720 000 inhabitants. The greater area holds about 20% of the total population in Tunisia, or about 2.4 million inhabitants. The medina, historical heart of the city, extends from the summits of a group of hills to the Lake of Tunis.
It has been proven that the ancient Libyan city, dating back to at least the 4th century BC, was located here and that its position made it an observation post for the Libyans. From Tunis, they could keep watch over the comings and goings of ships and caravans. During Antiquity, the city successively belonged to Libya and Carthage.
Designated the country's capital since the 12th century, the city of Tunis has maintained its role throughout history. The centralisation of power and activity (trade and industry) in Tunis made it an essential hub.
Tunis has a Mediterranean climate with a sunny spring and hot, dry summer. Ideal for tourism, one of the city's main activities that enable many foreign tourists to visit the city every year.

Stay in Tunis: activities, visits, excursions

A stay in Tunis is the opportunity to discover a unique, friendly city. The medina dates back to the 7th century and is one of the most beautiful in the country. Walk through the narrow streets and discover the site that is on UNESCO's World Heritage list. You can discover the palaces and large traditional homes as well as the oldest mosque in Tunis, the Zitouna mosque, also called the "olive tree" mosque.
Wander through the covered passageways to look for bargains in one of the city's many souks (Perfumers souk, souk el Nhas, etc.). Immerse yourself in Tunisian culture while enjoying one of the region's typical meals: couscous with vegetables or fish, brick danouni, pastries, etc. In summer, quench your thirst with mint tea or refreshing citronnade.
Take an excursion to discover the area surrounding Tunis. Don't forget to stop to visit the ruins of the famous city of Carthage. The ancient remnants bear witness to the splendour and wealth of the famous Punic city.

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