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Located in the Var department, in the South-East of France, the city of Toulon reigns over the Côte-d'Azur from the back of a cove, right by the Mediterranean Sea. As a historical war and trade port, Toulon's past is intricately linked to that of the French Navy - whose ships chose this city and its famous harbour as their home. Both dynamic and industrial, the city opens out into Provence's hinterland, where some of France's most beautiful villages can be visited. Do not miss out on the capital of the Var area.

Toulon: a city filled with excitement

Although the city suffered during WWII bombings, Toulon's heritage has preserved many architectural treasures, that reflect on the town's economic and artistic evolution over the centuries. First an industrial port, Toulon's very core quite naturally set up ground around the harbour. Many buildings there remind us of this part of the town's history. The most striking is the monumental reproduction of a 18th-century Royal Navy figurehead - set right in the heart of town. Another must-see monument is the Arsenal door - erected during the 18th century, now symbolising the town's activity and power. Nowadays, it has become the entrance to the National Marine Museum. Not far from there stands the Clock Tower, visible from inside the Navy base that also used to use it as a look-out post. The fortification work all around the harbour, along with the Royal Tower, give visitors a glimpse of the town's former strategic importance in French history.

Other places will give you a completely different view of Toulon's lifestyle - much quieter and sophisticated. In the upper town, the Place de la Liberté is in the heart of a Hausmannien neighbourhood with lots of cinemas, theatres, cafés, restaurants, shops, etc. Just like other major cities in the South of France, Toulon boasts lots of picturesque little squares and fountains, perfect for escaping too at lunch when the sun is at its hottest.
When wandering around, visitors may be surprised to see Jules Muraire, known as Raimu - the character made up by Marcel Pagnol - who has lots of commemorative statues, namely including a sculpture of "the card game" in Place Raimu which is a reproduction of the famous movie scene from "Marius" (first part of the Pagnol trilogy).

If you like sports, you cannot miss out on a trip to the Mayol stadium - home to Toulon's Rugby Club - located right in the heart of the city. When there are matches on, the exceptional atmosphere in surrounding streets makes this place a real rugby temple.

Lastly, for those wishing to escape the urban landscape, Toulon offers many other activities: excursions out to sea, deep-sea diving, an excursion to Mount Faron (can also be reached by cable-car), a boat crossing for Porquerolles for a lovely day in the sun, not forgetting the hinterland's incredible landscapes. You will always find something fun and new to do, every time you plan a trip to Toulon.

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