Switzerland, a postcard from the heart of Europe

Surrounded by France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein, Switzerland's appearance varies depending on the location of its towns and cities. The capital, Berne, is located west of the centre. With a population of 8 million inhabitants, Switzerland is known not only for its political and military neutrality, but also for its well-groomed appearance which leaves a pleasant impression of being inside a post card. The towns and villages, all very picturesque and well looked after, offer a clearly refined air. Thanks to Air France's regular flights to this destination, enjoy the warm and courteous Swiss atmosphere.

What to see and do in Switzerland?

Switzerland is a small country, but there are many places to visit and the cities are all remarkable. Visit the west of Lake Leman and discover Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux, and the Chillon Castle. In the Valais region, beginning with Bettmeralp, discover the largest glacier in the Alps, the Aletsch glacier recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Further north, near Berne, discover the Lucerne Kapelbrücke, the Einsiedeln Abbey in Schwys or the Four Cantons Lake which you can visit by boat. In southern Switzerland, don't forget to visit the Bellinzona Castles. If you prefer less popular sites, don't hesitate to visit Neuchâtel or Fribourg, near the Neuchâtel lake in the north-west.

Switzerland, a mountain culture

Although Switzerland is best known for clocks and chocolate, its real beauty lies in its mountain-filled soul. The charm of its log cabins with smoking chimneys, an unmistakable view over the majestic mountain peaks of the Alps, and gastronomy based on creamy cheese, potatoes and cooked meats. So enjoy the delicious raclettes, cheese fondues, regional varieties of sausage, and especially the delicious rostis… In Switzerland, you will also discover many walking paths as well as beautiful ski resorts, accessible thanks to Air France flights .

Preparing your journey to Switzerland