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The grandeur of Strasbourg

Grande Ile, the historic centre of Strasbourg is a UNESCO World Heritage site in its entirety and is a true European city, home to the European parliament and many other institutions. The ninth largest city of France is poetic, romantic as well as rich in tradition and culture. Many visitors on business and leisure are attracted to the city for there is much to see and do. The beautiful architecture varies throughout the city, but always remains harmonious to the eye. The centre, with its alleys and waterways, is home to delicious Alsace wines and gourmet cuisine with influences from its German neighbour across the Rhine.
Fly to Strasbourg with Air France for a picturesque city break; discover the La Petite France, one of the most famous districts, a marvel to wander through the streets, amid quaint timber houses, a guided tour will explain the history and allow you to capture the romantic feel of the city. Audio-guided tours are available in English as well as four other languages from the Strasbourg Tourist Office for history lovers (see website address below).

Strasbourg: A changing nationality but a tradition all of its own

You can still hear German being spoken on the streets of Strasbourg and the older generation may still use old Alsatian language, although the city is French. Past wars changed the city's country no less than four times, finally remaining part of France after the Second World War. However, the capital of the Alsace region does have its distinct personality and traditions, some of which you can discover at the Musée Alsacien situated on the bank of the Ill River. The Astronomical Clock of Strasbourg's great cathedral, Notre Dame de Strasbourg, is a masterpiece of mechanics and art and well worth a visit, as indeed is the cathedral itself with its stunning facades and interior.
From fine arts to archaeology, from history to decorative arts, you have a choice of eleven museums to visit in Strasbourg, fine collections, including a museum dedicated to the works of Tomi Ungerer, a native illustrator and author, famous for his great children's book, Les Trois Brigands.
Once you've had your fill of history and culture, the cuisine, wine and beers are without a doubt a fine way to discover the city. The Heineken Brewery is still running and open for visits and some beer tasting, though opportunities for a pint are not lacking in a region known for its quality brewing and of course the great wines of Alsace. Traditional dishes, like Choucroute, Flammekuche and the beer-drenched cake, Kugelhopf, are savoury and filling and there are restaurants all over the city that serve local specialties! Orange-skinned Munster cheese is also a fine though strong smelling specialty and can be enjoyed with a glass of full-bodied wine.
As you continue your discovery of Strasbourg, you will realize the importance of the city as a European capital; group visits are available for visiting the Council of Europe and the European Parliament.

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