South Korea and its capital of a thousand faces

Seoul, located in the north-west of South Korea is one of the most densely populated megapoles in the world, with no fewer than 10 million inhabitants! It's a city continually buzzing with excitement, near to the mountain with the Han River running through it. Seoul is a growing city combining modernity and tradition. Enter the authentic South Korea with a visit to the Hanok Village quarter, one of the quietest in Seoul. Don't miss the Insadong quarter and its traditional market where you can buy clothing and traditional food. Visit Gyeongbokgung Palace, the most famous palace in South Korea's capital. Despite Seoul's authentic appearance, the capital can also be remarkably fashionable. Among the key locations, Kangnam, a quarter known for the hit song by Korean singer PSY. This is one of the most high-tech quarters of the capital, a huge boulevard with gigantic screens all along its length. When night falls, the Hongdae quarter brings Seoul to life: this is where the young people of the capital get together. The prices are reasonable, as Hongdae remains a working-class district. Finally, you mustn't visit the capital of South Korea without climbing the Namsan Tower. It looks out over the city and offers breath-taking views. Air France offers several flights each week to Seoul, for an unforgettable stay in this generous and open capital.

South Korea and its Buddhist Temples

If you visit South Korea in search of authenticity, don't forget to visit the Buddhist monasteries. You will find them dotted throughout the country. South Korea owes much of its development as a tourist destination to these majestic temples, offering in particular "Temple Stays". A unique opportunity to discover the monks' way of life and culture, and recharge your batteries at the same time. Different kinds of "Temple Stay" are available: some based on meditation and Buddhist practice, others on relaxation and spiritual development. One of the most famous temples is Haiensa in the south of the country, with its collection of Buddhist scriptures written on birch-wood boards. The nearby city is called Busan and is the country's main port. Air France offers regular flights to this destination which you will never forget. Before you take off for South Korea, don't forget to check the formalities for entry into the country .

Preparing your visit to South Korea