Prepare your trip to Singapore

Air France offers up to 10 weekly flights from London-Paris-Singapore. There are also flights through Amsterdam with our partner, KLM.
If you purchase a cheap plane ticket from London-Paris-Singapore, you will transit through the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport and after a thirteen-hour non-stop flight, you will land at Singapore Changi airport, located 20 km to the northeast of Singapore, a city state located in eastern Asia, south of Malaysia. You can reach the city by taxi, train (30 minutes) or bus (55 minutes).
Once in the city, there is very good public transportation system (bus and subway) and taxis are rather inexpensive. If you would like to rent a car, you can consult our list of partners and benefit from preferential rates. It is best to have an international driver's license.
To enter Singapore, you simply need a passport that is valid at least six months after you leave the country.
The currency is the Singapore dollar. The cost of living is similar to that in London, but transportation is cheaper.
The only thing that will determine the time that you travel is the cost of your plane ticket and your availability because the climate is the same year round: hot, humid and changeable.

Singapore: economic and financial dragon

It is worth purchasing a plane ticket to Singapore ! Singapore is a city state that is composed of 64 islands. Its area is only 647.8 km², but the population reaches 5 million. It has a diversified population composed mainly of Chinese, but also Malaysians, Indians and European immigrants. There are four official languages: English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. Singapore is divided into districts, often characterised by ethnic groups, as is the case for Chinatown or Little India.
A British trading counter that was founded in 1819, Singapore is famous for its spectacular economic success and its incredible growth since it gained independence in 1965. The city state is one of the "four Asian dragons" that also includes South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Singapore has become a business and financial hub between the Pacific region and Europe.
Singapore is an economic model and is one of the countries in the world with the lowest crime rate.

Singapore: shopping, cuisine and gardens

If you take a flight to Singapore , remember that the two main tourist attractions in Singapore are its cuisine, which reflects the country's cultural diversity, and shopping with many large malls (often luxury) that have been built in many neighbourhoods. There are some along Orchard Road. Fortunately some areas are the exception to the rule, such as Little India, full of many typical restaurants, shops that sell flower garlands and fruit and vegetable stands. It is always an animated area.
Chinatown is a neighbourhood made of narrow streets and "shophouses" that has almost completely been renovated and today has many trendy restaurants and romantic hotels. There are also several temples in the area.
Also, despite the city's incredible density, Singapore has half of its area occupied by green areas, with 50 parks and four nature reserves. The Botanical Garden is worth the visit with its swan lake and tropical rainforest.
Singapore also has some fine museums, such as the Asian Civilisations Museum, the National Museum of Singapore or the Singapore Art Museum (SAM).
In short, Singapore is far from the simple cliché of being an economic monster.

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