The Seychelles, a paradise destination

The Republic of Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean and is composed of a group of 115 islands, the largest being Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. It is an archipelago that is geographically connected to the African continent of which Portuguese explorers made the first reports and maps in the early 16th century.
For many years, it was a pirates' lair due to its geographical location, and the Seychelles archipelago was occupied by the French in the middle of the 18th century before coming under British control less than a century later after the Napoleonic wars.
The Seychelles obtained independence in 1976 and today are part of the Commonwealth and the French-speaking world. Currently the Seychelles, whose capital is Victoria, has a population of 90 000 inhabitants.
Every year, the Seychelles welcome many tourists who are looking for a little corner of paradise.
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The Seychelles has three official languages (Seychellois Creole, English and French) and the currency is the Seychellois rupee.
As for the climate, the Seychelles have hot and tropical temperatures all year long. However, we recommend that you travel between the rainy and the "cool" seasons, in April-May or October-November.
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What to do in the Seychelles?

Thanks to its sumptuous landscapes, the Seychelles are a favourite destination, especially for weddings and honeymoons. During your stay in the Seychelles you can enjoy the sandy beaches and magnificent bays.
Nearly half of the Seychellois territory is protected, and you can see a multitude of wild animals such as tortoises and brightly coloured fish. During your visit to the Seychelles you may go to Bird Island, a protected area where there are at least 112 bird species to be observed.
Note that the Seychelles has two sites on UNESCO's World Heritage list: the Aldabra Atoll and the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve (Praslin).
History-buffs should go to the Bel-Air cemetery, the oldest historical site in the Seychelles.
Your stay in the Seychelles will also be the opportunity for you to do all sorts of activities: diving, boating, hiking or horse-riding, etc.