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Seoul skyscrapers and alleyways

The bustling and chic city of Seoul is a popular destination among Asian tourists and the Western traveller will enjoy the ultra-modern boulevards, skyscrapers as well as the more quaint streets and shanty towns that make the city unique. A shoppers' haven, with its multitude of department stores and boutiques, you will find Seoul crowded and busy, a true Asian metropolis.

Seoul - a taste of Korean traditions and architecture

There is much to see in Seoul and you cannot miss the Gyeongbok Palace. Formerly a royal residence, originally built in the 14th century, it is majestic and the grandest of the five palaces situated at the different cardinal points of the city. Restored to its former glory, the palace grounds, halls and living quarters of past kings and queens offer great insight to Korean history, a guided tour can be booked if you wish to learn more about the history of the palace. The current president's residence lies close by, called the Blue house but also do walk back in time with a visit of a traditional village with stunning wooden 'hanoks' or homes with their delightful facades and courtyards…this beautiful quarter, Bukchon Village is ideal for dining and wining or simply relaxing in a cafe in between sightseeing stops.
Seoul's department stores are truly impressive but if you fancy something a little more authentic, make your way to Itaewon where you will feel quite at home in the cosmopolitan neighbourhood. A very down-to-earth market style of shopping awaits you with just about everything you can imagine and it is a hot spot for night-time entertainment with reputed nightclubs, bars and restaurants. The Namdaemun Market also offers great bargains for shoppers and stays open late into the night with a busy atmosphere round the clock!
For a unique Seoul experience, take stroll along the Cheonggyecheon Stream, a surprisingly peaceful and romantic waterway in the heart of the city, with the gentle sound of small waterfalls adding to the serenity of the promenade spanning over 5 kilometres.
As all major cities, Seoul can be visited with a Seoul City Tour Bus with hop on and off options whenever you wish to linger at an attraction, which include stops at palaces and markets and the N Seoul Tower. Getting around the city is relatively easy by bus, taxi and the underground train system, map in hand and ready to explore and taste local cuisine. No one can visit Seoul without trying the traditional cuisine, live octopus if you dare or the spicy broth, haejungguk, popular with Koreans and known for its restorative properties.

Planning your trip to Seoul