Scotland's Identity Card

Scotland is a region in the north of Great Britain and one of the four countries which make up the United Kingdom (together with England, Wales and Northern Ireland), and also one of the six Celtic nations. It is home to more than 5 million inhabitants in a surface area of roughly 78 700 km². The capital is Edinburgh but Glasgow is the most populated city. There are also several archipelagos, including the Shetland Isles. The country is surrounded by the sea, except for the English border to the south, just north of Newcastle. Regular Air France flights link Paris to Edinburgh. There are also flights from Amsterdam to Edinburgh or Glasgow. To avoid any difficulties and make your journey with complete peace of mind, don't forget to consult the Foreign Office for information regarding entry formalities.

Visiting Historic Scotland

Proud of its rich cultural heritage, Scotland offers a wide range of activities for those interested in history and monuments. The capital alone is overflowing with curiosities. Among them, the National Museum of Scotland or the Scottish Writers' Museum are two of the most popular. Whether it's Glasgow and the Hunterian Museum, Aberdeen with the Tolbooth Jail, or Stirling and its monument in honour of the hero William Wallace, there's no shortage of picturesque attractions.
The region is dotted with historic buildings well worth a visit. Whether in the cities or the countryside, these impressive buildings tell us something of Scotland's history. Don't miss the Edinburgh and Eilean Donan castles. You can even lodge in the Culzean castle for a few days! Dunfermline Abbey and the ruins of Sweetheart Abbey are especially interesting.
On a different but typically Scottish theme, follow the Malt Whisky Trail and discover the secrets of whisky manufacturing by visiting seven working distilleries.

Discovering Scottish Nature

Scotland is also a region with remarkable geography. Numerous walking paths allow you to visit forests (the "Celtic Rainforests", such as Sunart Oakwoods, for example), coastal paths and islands, but also mountains (including the famous highlands) and lochs, including the best known, Loch Ness home to the well-known mythical monster "Nessie". During these visits, you will have the opportunity to admire the very varied fauna and flora of the magnificent country of Scotland.

Preparing your journey to Scotland