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Before boarding your flight to Salvador de Bahia

Located on a peninsula on the Atlantic coast in the north-east of the country, Salvador has nearly 3 million inhabitants. Its full name is São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos, meaning "Saint Saviour of the Bay of All Saints". Its historic centre is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its perfect colonial-style Renaissance urban organisation.

The city is divided into two parts linked by a lift and a funicular railway: the upper part includes the Pelourinho quarter and the lower part Brazil's oldest cathedral and the administrative buildings. Salvador is often called "Black Rome" because of its large population of African origin and its culture influenced by spicy food, voodoo rituals and dances.

What to see in Salvador de Bahia?

The historic centre is obviously the favourite place to visit and discover. Head for the Praça Thomas de Souza with its sumptuous panorama over the Bay of All Saints, a square surrounded by sumptuous buildings, in particular the Palacio Rio Branco and the Elevador Lacerda which links the two parts of Salvador since 1873. You will also have the opportunity to buy souvenirs from sellers of artisanal work.
For those who are interested in art and culture, Salvador is home to several museums such as the Igreja de la Miséricordia museum, the Fundação Pierre Verger - Galeria which exhibits the work of the French photographer and ethnologist Pierre Verger. The Cidade museum is devoted to Afro-Brazilian rituals and the Abelardo-Rodrigues museum offers one of the largest collections of sacred art.
Among the beautiful churches to be discovered in Salvador, we would recommend the church and convent of Saint Francis with its exceptional baroque style. Also visit the Terceira de São Francisco church and the Cathedral Basilica, built in the middle of the 17th century with gold, Portuguese marble and jacaranda wood.
You will also discover the Largo do Pelourinho square, surrounded by buildings whose architecture has been restored perfectly. Don't miss Salvador's charming street, the Direita de Santo Antonio and its restored coloured houses. 500m long, it opens onto the magnificent Largo Santo Antônio Além do Carmo square. For your shopping, head for the Modelo souvenir market and the São Joaquim fruit and vegetable market.

Useful information for a voyage to Salvador de Bahia

Dreaming of a trip to Salvador? Air France offers flights from London to Salvador's Luis R. Magalhaes airport . Before you board, here is some useful information.
  • For entry into Brazil, British citizens should have a passport which is valid for at least six months after the intended end of your visit. A visa is not required for a visit of less than three months.
  • On your entry to Brazil, after your London-Salvador flight, the authorities will issue you with a cartão de entrada/saída which you must keep until your departure
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  • The time difference between the United Kingdom and the city of Salvador in Brazil is four hours in winter, and four hours in summer. The official language is Brazilian Portuguese
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  • The country's currency is the Brazilian real (BRL)
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  • Located in the Bahia region near the equator, the city of Salvador has a hot humid climate from December to March. The best time to visit Salvador is the period from September to mid-December.

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