Saint Martin, a new destination

Located in the Caribbean Sea, near the West Indies archipelago, Saint Martin is an island with a surface area of 92 km2. Over half the territory is French, the rest belongs to Holland. Each side of the island has its own capital: the French capital is Marigot and the Dutch, Phillipsburg. The island was only designated an independent overseas autonomous region in 2007. Up until then, it had been considered part of Guadeloupe.
The official language of the country is French, and its currency the euro. Saint Martin is very cosmopolitan and greatly appreciated by North American tourists. Many of the inhabitants also speak English. They are known for their sense of hospitality. That is why the Americans call it the "Friendly Island".
We would recommend that you reserve your Air France ticket to Saint Martin between December and June, during the dry season. From July until November, the rain is very frequent.

Saint Martin's most beautiful beaches

Saint Martin has more than 35 beaches, all with fine sand. The clear turquoise water maintains a perfect temperature all year round, between 25°C and 29°C. With just a mask and a snorkel, you will be able to discover a varied marine fauna and all kinds of multi-coloured fish. The trade winds blow regularly on the island, allowing surfers to enjoy the waves. When the weather gets too stormy, families and those who just want to relax, will be able to head for the many sheltered creeks where the sea remains calm.
Saint Martin has beaches to suit everyone. Some are calm and isolated (Red Bay, for example). Others are bustling with life: at Friar's Bay the café overlooking the sea remains open until late at night and organises rock and reggae concerts. The Lovers' Beach is so called because of… its size: there is only room for one couple at a time !

Leisure and activities in Saint Martin

At Marigot, it is hard to resist the temptation to go shopping. Thanks to its status as a free port, the island can offer duty free prices. You will find many shops selling traditional jewellery, Hi-Fi equipment, clothing… Marigot will particularly please those looking for elegant French luxury goods. The city centre contains many chic boutiques, installed in old creole huts. As well as that, you will also find a few distilleries in Saint Martin producing excellent rum which is only sold on the island: don't forget to take a bottle home with you.
Saint Martin is also well-known for its night life. Restaurants, bars and pubs, casinos, night clubs or open-air concerts on the beach… there's something for everyone and the Dutch side of the island is the more lively.

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