Welcome to Saint Maarten, an island in the heart of the French Caribbean.

Saint Maarten is an overseas collectivity located on the island of the same name, in the heart of the French Caribbean. Until 2007, Saint Maarten was part of the overseas department of Guadeloupe. The island of Saint Maarten is divided into two parts, the north is French and the south is Dutch and called "Sint Maarten".
Originally, the territory was inhabited by Amerindians. Since the 17th century, the island has been occupied by the French, the English and the Dutch. Due to fiscal advantages, the population from France has greatly increased since 1985. There are also many Haitians who have come to live on the island. Saint Maarten is a cosmopolitan territory with a population of over 35 600 people.
The island of Saint Maarten lives mainly from tourism. It has many sandy beaches and restaurants that offer visitors French or West Indian cuisine, etc. It is the ideal destination for those who love water sports (diving, fishing, jet-ski, etc) as well as nature-lovers. The Mornes, small mountains on the island, are full of hiking destinations (Paradise Peak, Mont Careta, Mont France, etc.).
During a stay in Saint Maarten, you may also go to Fort Louis to admire the wide open view of Marigot Bay and visit the museum "On the trail of the Arawaks" that tells the island's history until the 1930s.

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