Air France flight to Saint-Denis (Reunion)

Discovering France can sometimes means travelling to the other side of the world. With Air France's new offers, take off to the Indian Ocean and the town of Saint-Denis, on the island of Reunion.

Located on the northern point of the island, Saint-Denis is a coastal town right at the foot of the Piton des Neiges mountains. As the main city on Reunion island and its largest economic hub, the town boasts a pleasant lifestyle and offers lots of services. Additionally, the international airport located nearby makes Saint-Denis the perfect entry point for discovering the island. The perfect getaway.

Saint-Denis, a whole other way of living

Regarding the urban scene, Saint-Denis' heritage counts many historical monuments dating back to colonial times - when the island's economy mainly revolved around coffee and sugar cane crops. As the city grew more urban around the end of the 20th century, Saint-Denis is still bursting with wooden and corrugated iron buildings, adorned with rows of balconies and typical sheltered gardens. A number of these remarkable buildings stand in the Rue de Paris, including the former Town Hall and other Creole villas such as the Carrère house (currently home to Reunion's Tourist Office). When in the historical Barachois district, visitors can discover the Compagnie des Indes offices, and can stroll among the canons facing the sea. Lastly, the Redoute area is home to the island's main fortifications.

Even more so than architecture, the Creole way of life can mostly be observed in the island's cuisine - brimming with delicious spices. In Saint-Denis, tasting Reunion's most wonderful dishes is easy. You could try cari, the local version of an Indian curry, sausage rougail, or rabbit stew served with rice. To wash that down, why not try some tamarind syrup or a local beer. For something a bit different, music-lovers can make the most of their stay to try themselves at some Musique du Cru or listen to a maloya troupe who dance and chant using traditional gestures inherited from African slaves. Unless of course you prefer the more festive rhythm of the séga - a ballroom dance for which people dress in colourful costumes.

The gateway to Reunion

Despite its tropical and humid atmosphere, Reunion's climate has a more mild influence thanks to the sea and East-to-West trade winds. The region of Saint-Denis is however located in the driest part of the island, boasting average temperatures of 27°C. Perfect for enjoying the nearby beach!

Nonetheless, the rest of the island should not be forgotten. During your stay in Saint-Denis, you can easily go on a small road-trip along the coast (it will however take you several days to enjoy it fully). On the island's western coast you will find the Ermitage beach - a huge stretch of sand deemed to be Reunion's most beautiful. To the South, the coast is more abrupt and wild, dominated by the blazing dome of the notorious Piton de la Fournaise volcano. Inland, Reunion's landscape is mostly shaped by its volcanoes, through which snake countless rivers criss-crossing across the whole island - except for the Cafres plain.

Lastly, animal-lovers could make the most of their stay to admire the many rare (or endangered) insect and bird species living on the island. Reunion's marine biodiversity is also rich, namely thanks to the coral reefs - making for incredible diving sessions. Watch out for the many sharks that swim there though.

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