Pau - historic gem in the southwest of France

Pau - a town with a view

To the north of the Pyrénées Mountains, in the Aquitaine region, lies the town of Pau, picturesque and welcoming and ideally situated in the southwest for excursions to the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, both an hour's drive away. Pau with a beautiful castle and buildings dating as far back as the 16th century, an architectural gem enjoyed by many visitors. Of course, the local cuisine, wines and moments spent relaxing in the sunshine on a café terrace enjoying the views and people-watching are part of the attraction.

Pau: the birthplace of King Henry the 4th of France

Pau castle has seen many changes since its foundations were first laid, from the 14th century to the Renaissance. The castle is rich with architectural and French royal history and was home to many important figures of the past. It was the birthplace of King Henry the 4th and used by the wives of Louis-Philippe and Napoleon. The walls are adorned with fine tapestries and furnishings from the Renaissance period. A visit to the castle could include a look at the Béarnais museum, dedicated to the Béarnais period: furnishings, artefacts and architecture, a visit of the Money Tower (former mint of local coins) and a walk through the beautiful gardens.

For a walk in town, you can explore Pau from one end to the other via the Boulevard des Pyrénées which begins in front of the castle and ends by the Beaumont Park. A busy and well-kept street with hotels, shops and restaurants, the Boulevard also offers breathtaking views of the Pyrénées mountains.
For a small town, Pau is very active, with a dynamic cultural throb; discover museums such as the Bernadotte Museum in the "old quarter", named after Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, a general in Napoleon's army who became King of Sweden in 1818. The museum depicts the conditions and way of life of a typical Béarnais family during the 19th century. Sports and leisure activities are available for the whole family: parks, gardens and golf courses for your pleasure.
Pau also has a university, Conference Centre in the former Beaumont Palace, Cultural Centre, Zenith and exhibition hall which attract students, corporate visitors and artists of all kinds to the town. Small and lively, set in the wonderful Aquitaine landscape, Pau also reveals a certain British influence, a popular destination for health cures for wealthy Brits during the 19th century whose influence can be seen in the architecture of some buildings and English gardens around town.
The town's funicular train is free and offers a short ride to or from the railway station which is situated below the town. It is handy and allows locals and tourists to save time and energy for kayaking, rafting or hydro-speed boating at the Pau Pyrénées White Water Stadium.
A little town with everything where you will enjoy a relaxing holiday in the south of France, Pau is delightful and a gateway to the Pyrénées Mountains. For more information about hotels, sightseeing and leisure activities, visit the Official Tourist Website of Pau .
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