Travel - London to Paris

Why travel to Paris?

Paris capital of France and a thriving metropolis home of over two-million people, is a favorite destination for travelers wishing to experience magnificent architecture, fascinating museums, grand theatres and splendid art galleries as well as some of the best fine-dining establishments and high-class shopping centers in the world. Whether you’re planning in advance or travelling at the last-minute there are nonstop flights available on a daily basis to those looking to travel from London to Paris.

Places to visit

With airlines offering cheap flights to Paris at competitive rates at flexible hours it is possible to hop over from Heathrow airport – London to Charles de Gaulle in Paris for an-hour-and-thirty-five minutes trip. After taking a bus or shuttle from CDG, art-lovers exploring the City of Light should visit the Louvre art-gallery which is home to the famous Mona Lisa painting while dedicated followers of fashion should head on down to the sublime Avenue des Champs-Élysées. So don’t wait any longer, log on our website and book your plane ticket from London to Paris now!

Notable Parisian landmarks

Notre Dame de Paris is a medieval cathedral built between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries and remains one of the most important landmarks in the French capital today. Standing in the Place Charles de Gaulle, the magnificent Arc de Triomphe a triumphal arc built in neoclassical style, was constructed as a monument to those who fought in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. The Eiffel Tower, built of wrought iron in the 1880s to celebrate the Exposition Universelle, resides in the Champ de Mars and is the most iconic of the city's structures.