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Make the most of Air France's flight offers to Panama from the British Isles. Considered for a long time as a seaport, the isthmus is now the entry point for your trips to Central America and the Caribbean.

As a little-known Central American country, Panama is mostly renowned for its canal - inaugurated in 1914 with a view to linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Located between Costa Rica and Columbia, the Republic of Panama is filled with many must-see places: the city of Panama and its historical district, beautiful colonial vestiges and most importantly a lush fauna and flora - lined with 2,500 km of Caribbean and Pacific shoreline.

Panama: entering the New World

As the capital of the small Republic, Panama City is home to many curious treasures. Not far from the modern district's sky-scrapers and bank (Panama is a tax haven), visitors can stroll down the charming streets of the San Felipe neighbourhood, dating back to colonial times. Street Art also plays an important role in this city - with the vibrant graffiti reminding us of the country's sometimes troublesome past, in contrast with the colourful façades adorning the more touristy areas. Stop off at the Tourist Office for more ideas of what to explore off the beaten track. On your way there, remember to admire the famous Panama Canal - a water motorway splitting the jungle in half over more than 77 km. An engineering masterpiece.

On the Atlantic coast, the town of Portobelo is proud of being home to the largest fortifications in the Caribbean - vestiges of a time when Spanish Empire fleets would berth in the port, having brought over riches to the New World. The town's many historical sites are actually classified as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

An ode to nature

A trip to the isthmus of Panama is only complete once you have truly found harmony with the country's landscapes. Indeed, its real treasure is the nature is shelters. In fact, it is the country with the most national nature parks in the world - comparatively with its total surface area. The largest of these parks, the Chagres National Park, was created to protect the tropical forest and its water sources. The country also undoubtedly has one of America's most varied ecosystems. Its lush flora is carefully preserved by the authorities. Its fauna includes many bird species - including the famous Quetzal, sought out by bird-watchers and hikers. In the Derién region, bordering Columbia, endangered species such as jaguars, pumas, tapirs and spider-monkeys have found refuge. This is also where the Emberà people live - one of the country's six indigenous communities. To the North, in Chiriquí region and its volcanic mountains are a hiker's paradise. Starting from Boquete, the Barú volcano can be walked around (3,450 m high). Coffee-lovers can also take the time to taste a delicious cup of arabica in the little town perched 1,600 m high.

Panama's other marvels are located along its coastline: miles and miles of beaches and paradise islands. The Bocas del Toro archipelago, set in the Caribbean, is well worth a tour. Its colonial-style houses and rainforest make it the perfect place for excursions, and the beautiful shores boasting dolphins, starfish and corals will make any beach-lover and scuba-diving enthusiast happy.

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