Get away to Osaka with Air France

Osaka - cherry trees and neon lights

Whether you are flying to Osaka on business or leisure, Japan's third largest city, first ever known capital of the country welcomes you to a highly impressive stay. Air France flights arrive in Osaka International Airport.Once in the city centre, you will be immersed in a modern Asian city that is still a powerful financial and economic hub of the country. Situated in the Kansai region, Osaka offers all that is new and traditional in architecture with a list of beautiful shrines and temples around the city. Osaka bay has been rebuilt since the Second World War and the Peace Osaka Museum is one of many cultural attractions in the city.

An overview of Osaka's attractions

Visitors to Osaka will find the city delightful during the cherry blossom season, with the refined Japanese landscape gardening that adds colour to a very busy metropolis! First stop on the Osaka visit list is Osakajo or Osaka castle, easily reached by underground train offering a pleasant day out in the stunning castle grounds and gardens as well as a view of the renovated castle whose origins date back to the 16th century. The castle is popular with the locals too, appreciated for its peaceful green areas, for a picnic on the lawns of the Nishinomaru gardens or a relaxed break in the tea house.
One of the oldest temples in Japan is found in Osaka, the Shitennoji Temple, commissioned by Prince Shotoku, a 6th century leader and follower and supporter of Buddhism. The temple is a fine replica of the original design and charges an entrance fee for visitors to its five level pagoda, main hall and treasure house, although the outer temple grounds are free of charge. Again you can reach the temple by a short train ride.
Media images of Tokyo will come to mind as you wander around the Southern Downtown district of Osaka. Here you can look forward to evening entertainment, shopping 'til you drop and naturally, a great area for restaurants where you will appreciate why the Japanese revere Osaka cuisine as the best in the country. The main specialty of Osaka is the dish, Okonomiyaki, a highly sophisticated pancake style preparation of meat or fish or noodles. For a quick snack on the street, there is the Octopus fritter, Takoyaki to taste too!
Another charming district of the city is Shinsekai, a modern 20th century development which aimed to imitate cities such as Paris or even parts of New York. You will find charming, small boutiques in rows, neon lights and the Tsutenkaku Tower, a symbol of the district standing at 100m with an observatory.
Day trips with the children are fun-filled with adventure parks, aquarium and the interactive Science Museum in Osaka, as are tours of attractions outside the city such as a trip to Mount Koya, a temple mountain with a truly mystical atmosphere that never fails to impress first time visitors!

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