Mauritius, nature and the lagoon

Mauritius is known for its clear water, white sand and iridescent light. The water of the lagoon always remains at the same temperature and the population is always joyful. The conditions are perfect to laze about in the sun; you almost feel obliged to rest. A visit to the capital city of Port-Louis is a must. You can also visit the island of Rodrigues, the jewel of the Mascareignes. Mauritius has two other dependencies named Agaléga and Saint-Brandon. At Port-Louis, don't forget to visit the Aapravasi Ghat, a quay recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Thousands of Indians have landed here since 1835, first as slaves and later as free men, come to work in the city. As you walk around Mauritius, admire the many flamboyants whose flowers range from orange to red. If you're tired, you can rest in the shade of a Casuarina, a pine tree which grows along the island's beaches. Air France offers many regular flights to Mauritius. Before you set out, don't forget to contact the appropriate authorities for information about entry formalities in order to prepare your journey with complete peace of mind.

Mauritius and its culture

Mauritius is proud of a traditional folk dance known as the Sega. The dance and the music are of African origin, imported by slaves. The Sega has a strong rhythm and is very sensual. The women wear highly coloured flowing skirts. The men wear breeches. Couples dance with languid movements but without touching. The main instrument accompanying the Sega is the Ravane, a kind of drum struck with the fingertips. You can watch these spectacles during the holidays or in hotels which organise local events. Occasionally, a Sega is organised on the beach. This is generally a spontaneous event, and is becoming rarer. You can visit churches, temples and mosques, but it is considered impolite to enter wearing flip-flops, shorts or miniskirts. The Mauritians are a tolerant people, but it is obviously a good idea to respect their religions and customs.

Traditional cooking in Mauritius

Mauritius enjoys varied traditional cooking and those who appreciate good food can enjoy a gastronomic holiday. Try Rougail which is a spicy dish of tomatoes and onions with fish or meat, originally from Reunion. Curry is another must. It comes originally from India, and is made from chicken or fish with spices. Samosas are delicious triangles of pastry, stuffed with meat or vegetables which will make your mouth water. You will also find a multitude of fish and seafood, prepared with local spices, and all delicious.

Preparing your journey to Mauritius