Discover Manaus, the gateway to the Amazon

A few words about Manaus

Settled in the heart of the Amazon, Manaus was founded in 1669 by the Portuguese on the banks of the river Negro. Today it is the capital city of the Amazonas state and the largest city in the Amazon with 2 million inhabitants. Sometimes nicknamed the "Jungle Metropolis", its mixture of historical and modern architecture makes Manaus one of Brazil's most unusual cities. Manaus has grown since the XIX century thanks to rubber from the hevea tree. An attractive and surprising city, its humid warmth surrounds tourists as they wander down the streets and admire the remains of the colonial period. Today, Manaus is one of the main industrial areas in Brazil.

The city attracts primarily travellers who long to immerse themselves in the heart of the immense and mythical Amazonian ecosystem, which they can discover from the gentle rhythm of a canoe, while listening to the cries of thousands of birds under the canopy. Discover this city by booking your London-Manaus flight on our web site. Air France offers regular flights with a stopover in Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo .

What to see in Manaus?

Among the wonders to be discovered in Manaus, don't miss the Amazon Opera House. Built at the end of the XIX century, it is the most unusual building in the city. Inspired by the Garnier Palace in Paris, its dome is covered with tiles in the colours of the Brazilian flag and it can seat up to 700 people. The Adolfo Lisboa city market is one of the unmissable sights in Manaus. Located opposite the floating port, it's the ideal place to wander around and buy souvenirs of your visit to Brazil, as well as local produce. Despite its location in the heart of the Amazon, there is little sign of the equatorial forest in Manaus. However, local artists have painted the city walls in the colours of the jungle.
Stop at the Palacio Rio Negro whose interior is well worth a visit, at the Palacete provincial and at the Sao Sebastiao church. For a museum, visit the Museu do Seringal Vila Paraiso. Located outside the city in a former baronial home, it explains how rubber was cultivated.
Around Manaus, you can also discover the Praia da Lua beach and swim in the Rio Negro. Manaus is the ideal starting point for an excursion (one day or longer) into the Amazon forest. And enjoy a boat trip on the Amazon for unforgettable memories. You'll be able to see piranhas, pink dolphins and alligators.

Useful information before you take off for Manaus

Manaus has an equatorial climate; the temperature varies around an average of 25°C and the best time to visit the city and its region is from June to October to avoid the monsoon season. Manaus is known as the stormiest city in the world.
The time difference between London and Manaus is 5 hours in summer and 3 hours in winter. The currency is the Brazilian real (BRL).
You may need to be vaccinated against yellow fever, especially in this region of Brazil, and you should consult your doctor about other vaccinations (typhoid and hepatitis A, in addition to regular vaccinations) before you leave.
For entry into Brazil, British citizens should have a passport which is valid for at least six months after the intended end of your visit. A visa is not required for a visit of less than three months. On your entry to Brazil, the authorities will issue you with a cartão de entrada/saída which you must keep until your departure.

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