Malaysia, a country with many faces

The country of Malaysia is divided into two territories. On the one hand, the Malaysian Peninsula, also called western Malaysia, is located between Thailand and Singapore and, on the other hand, eastern Malaysia located to the north of the island of Borneo. This geographic division offers a wide diversity of landscapes and cultures in this country just waiting for a visit.
On the one hand, you will find yourself at the heart of an exotic landscape. Thus, the region of Sarawak in eastern Malaysia, offers a brilliant spectacle with the Gunung Mulu and Bako national parks. The Gunung Mulu national park is famous for its immense network of caves, one of the largest in the world, filled with quite exceptional limestone formations. The Bako national park is reputed for its natural landscapes with their wildlife and its luxuriant plants. In particular, you can admire the waterfalls pouring into the natural freshwater pools.
On the other hand, you can discover a dynamic, modern country whose cities are built in the middle of a vast tropical forest.
Malaysia's climate will take you by surprise, as there are no real seasons. The weather is warm and humid all year round and the thermometer rarely falls below 20°C. To make the most of your stay in Malaysia, the best time to visit is from June to September. Air France offers regular flights to Malaysia, and before you leave, don't forget to check the different services offered by Air France.

Malaysia's islands and beaches

Malaysia is famous for its paradisiacal islands and beaches. To discover a diving site unequalled anywhere in the world, head for the island of Sipadan. This island of just 12 hectares offers a unique range of under-water creatures such the Hawksbill sea turtle, green turtles, manta rays, sharks or swirling shoals of barracuda. But the lush vegetation of the island will also give you the opportunity to discover tropical birds such as kingfishers, humming birds, or sea eagles.
The island of Pulau Redang with its marine reserve is another remarkable site for diving. You will be delighted by its clear water and the white sand beaches located on the edge of the forest. You will be able to discover multi-coloured coral on the sea bed. In addition to diving, the island offers many other activities such as swimming, hiking and canoeing.
The island of Pulau Perhentian is another unmissable Malaysian island. Composed of three smaller islands, it will take you to the heart of a wild jungle surrounded by beaches whose clear water is ideal for bathing and relaxing.

Malaysia's cultural heritage

Malaysia offers a rich cultural heritage combining modernity and tradition. Kuala Lumpur, the capital of the country, is a perfect example of this combination. The twin towers of Petronas, 452 metres high and of ultra-modern architecture, stand beside traditional Malaysian houses built on stilts. You can also discover the luxurious religious buildings throughout the country. One of them in particular, the island of Penang is home to the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia: the Kek Lok Si temple.

Preparing your journey to Malaysia