Madagascar and its varied landscapes

Located in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is one of the largest islands in the world. It is often called the island-continent. It is separated from Africa by the Mozambique Channel. Madagascar offers a surprising variety of landscapes, from white sand beaches, to tropical forests and rice fields.
On the eastern coast, the plain is dominated by high plateaus and a few volcanoes. There are also stepped rice fields. To the west, the savannah with its baobabs resembles Africa, but the coast also offers magnificent lagoons and large aquatic forests. To the south is a semi-desert land waiting to be discovered. The north-west coast of Madagascar offers lakes, rivers and forests.
If you want to make the most of the country's riches, it is best to visit in September or October. This is the driest period on the eastern coast. During the rest of the year, heavy rain is extremely frequent in this region. Avoid visiting the island from December to March.
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Visit Madagascar's cities

The capital of Madagascar is Antananarivo. This city, also known as Tananarive, is located in the central part of the island. You will be delighted by its streets and alleyways and the beautiful houses. Its main attractions are the Queen's Palace quarter, the Silver Palace and its zoological park. The large Zoma market will give you the opportunity to discover local crafts and in particular many talismans.
Antsirabe is a thermal resort with charming colonial-style architecture. To the south-west of the island, on the high plateaus, Fianarantsoa is another attractive city. You will appreciate the old city, and also the craftsmen's villages around it. Not far from there, at Sahambavy, you can visit Madagascar's only tea plantation.

Discover the fauna and flora of Madagascar

Madagascar's fauna and flora are unlike anything anywhere else in the world. The Malagasy fauna and flora are specially preserved in nearly 50 national parks and over 150 protected sites.
The nature reserves such as Berenty and the Isalo massif are good places to discover the Malagasy lemur. But the island also offers the opportunity to discover a species of gecko which can change colour, or a species of chameleon with a long nose. In addition, the nature reserves are home to butterflies, tortoises and giant lizards
Madagascar also offers rare flora with more than 9 000 species. Among them are the island's trademark baobabs, eucalyptus, nepenthes, euphorbia cactus and the black orchid. So many wonders to discover by booking an Air France flight .

Preparing your journey to Madagascar