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Luxembourg - an overview of a beautiful European city

The idyllic and historical beauty of Luxembourg City is a major attraction for tourists who visit the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg each year. The city's central location in Western Europe also contributes to its success in business tourism, a popular choice for international meetings, seminars and conferences. On business travel or a weekend getaway to a charming European destination, Luxembourg offers a high quality stay with plenty of sightseeing and leisure activities.
Luxembourg is an independent state steeped in the history of the European continent and today, is home to many European Union institutions, European Investment Bank, European Court of Justice and the European Commission to name a few of the major organisations.
Fly to Luxembourg with Air France and discover a truly picturesque city, laid out over hills, plateaus and between two rivers with beautiful period buildings that blend together harmoniously for picture postcard beauty.
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Luxembourg: an enchanting city and castle.

Visitors can be forgiven if they feel they have walked into a fairy tale setting, for Luxembourg City, although rich in contemporary architecture, gives the general impression of entering into an old city with its castles, fortresses and historical monuments. In fact, a portion of Luxembourg is a UNESCO World Heritage site, in contrast to the cosmopolitan and modern lifestyle of its inhabitants. A city of culture too, renowned museums and events calendar with theatre, music concerts and exhibitions programmed throughout the year, visitors can look forward to this city break. If you have time to spare, an excursion into the lush countryside will only add to the enchantment of your stay.
Sightseeing in Luxembourg:
Luxembourg Fortress: the city's main attraction, many of the walls and towers still stand as a reminder of the fortress which earned its reputation for being "impenetrable" during the wars of the 19th century. The Dräi Eechelen Museum at the Fort Thüngen is dedicated to the great, lengthy history of the fortress. Guided walking tours of the fortress grounds are recommended for deeper insight into this World Heritage site.
The Grand Ducal Palace in Luxembourg: this 16th century palace is the official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. A beautiful building to be admired from the exterior, during summer, you can visit inside the palace by booking a guided tour.
Luxembourg's museums are of outstanding quality:
Luxembourg City History Museum: fascinating insight into the city's history: visit period houses within this complex, enjoy walks through the gardens.
MUDAM Luxembourg: art lovers will appreciate this rich display of contemporary and experimental works of all kinds. The exhibitions capture the latest artistic movements of our times.
National Museum of Natural History: elaborate collections covering several areas of natural science: botany, ecology, palaeontology, geology as well as astrophysics and zoology.
The City of Luxembourg is beautiful to see and visit with a rich historical and cultural life, an ideal city break in the heart of Europe.
For more about where to stay or eat out, visit the official tourist website of Luxembourg: Visiting Luxembourg .
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