Lebanon, its mountains and its breath-taking landscapes

Settled between the Mediterranean, Israel and Syria, Lebanon offers impressive landscapes, ranging from mountains to beaches, with lush green valleys in between. The mountain range, which dominates the Mediterranean, includes springs, waterfalls and forests. On the slopes of Mount Lebanon is the famous Afqa grotto from whose entrance a subterranean river offers a sight of magnificent waterfalls. In the Chouf mountains and at Bsharri, you can admire the legendary cedars of Lebanon. The ideal time to visit this region is in spring or autumn, but lovers of winter sports will also want to visit the ski resorts during winter. In summer, the beaches of the Jounieh Bay, Beirut and Byblos are a must.
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Visit Beirut, the capital of Lebanon

Beirut, the capital of Lebanon occupies an ideal location between the sea and the mountains. This city, frequently destroyed and rebuilt down the centuries, offers a thousand faces and is unbelievably dynamic. The renovated city centre contains beautiful buildings with coloured façades. The ruins of the ancient roman baths fit perfectly into the present city. The Corniche, with a view over the Pigeon Rock, is a pleasant place to walk. It is the most romantic part of the city, whose inhabitants will be happy to tell you the local legends. The Mosque of Omar is the oldest building in Beirut and well worth a visit.
The city's liveliest quarters are Monnot, Sodeco and Gemmayze. The Armenian quarter is home to the Bourj Hammoud market a site which you must not miss. The night-life is very lively in Beirut. You will find a wide range of places to go, from restaurants to discotheques, not forgetting the many bars and pubs. The restaurants offer both local and European cooking. With Air France, set out to discover this unique and dynamic city.

Lebanon's ruins and monuments

Lebanon has preserved many Roman ruins. You can admire the numerous temples in Baalbek, the city of the gods. There are three main monuments are the sanctuary of Jupiter, the temple of Bacchus and the temple of Venus.
Tyr is another archaeological site where numerous Roman remains have also been preserved. The city is known not only for its arenas, its baths, its hippodrome and its theatre, but also for the festival held here every summer.
Byblos is another must-see for those interested in archaeological remains. This city is recognised as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, and reveals traces of different civilisations. You can visit the ruins of a residential area, a castle, a temple and an amphitheatre.

Preparing your journey to Lebanon