Musical and beautiful Kinshasa

Kinshasa - enjoy the Congolese way of life

Kinshasa is one of the largest, bustling cities in Africa. With over ten million inhabitants, a busy metropolis awaits your visit and offers much to see and do. The two main languages spoken in Kinshasa are Lingala and French, although you will have no difficulty in diving into the Congolese way of life with its wonderful music, arts and food.

Kinshasa - a city of nightlife

Kinshasa is vibrant with music and dance in the evenings. Indeed, you will find a taste for extravagance and spontaneity in the atmosphere and flowing with the mood of Kinshasa will offer the experienced traveller memorable moments. The dance floors of the numerous nightclubs swing to the rhythms of soukous and ndombolo until the early hours of the morning in mostly festive style.
Although, Kinshasa isn't a typical tourist destination there are many places of interest for visitors who like to learn more about the history and culture. Local agents can organize a guided tour for you where you may combine sightseeing and excursions to nature spots around Kinshasa, practical if you are staying only a short while.
Sites of Kinshasa:

  • Palais de Marbre (marble palace) - once served as a residence for the President
  • Stanley Pool (pool Malebo) - a lake formation with Kinshasa of the Republic of Congo on the southwest shore and Congo-Brazzaville on the north.
  • Saint Anne church
  • Le Grand Marché - the largest market place in the city
  • The Botanical garden and zoo in the downtown district

A tour of the important buildings above as well as the area around the main train station will reveal the story of Kinshasa, how the city came into being on a site known for its fishing villages.

Out of Kinshasa and into the Congo

Enjoy a relaxing moment by the beautiful, peaceful lake, "Lac de ma vallée", where you can eat at the lakeside restaurant or rent a peddle boat for a view from the lake. Another great day out around Kinshasa is a visit to the Chutes de Lukia where you will find lakes for swimming, restaurants and a welcoming orphanage for pygmy chimps, called Bonobo. And why not spend a day on the world's second largest river, the Congo? Boat clubs such as the Nautic club or the Yacht club rent boats for the day; you can visit the many sand islands on the river, picnic in a quiet nature spot and enjoy a break from busy city life. Of course, fish is certainly on the menu and the Liboke is highly recommended for a taste of Congolese cuisine with original flavours of fish stew wrapped in manioc leaves for an authentic experience.

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