Japan and Tokyo, its capital of a thousand faces

Japan is a fascinating Far-Eastern archipelago. Tokyo, a megacity and the radiant capital of the country, is simply the largest city in the world with 37 million inhabitants. Formerly an imperial city, it is also the city of the arts, Geishas and the martial art called Ikebana. Very early in the morning, head for the Tsukiji fish market. Then visit one of the city's many museums, and the Ueno Park. After that, you can visit the Shinjuku quarter whose skyscrapers offer a magnificent view of the whole city. In the afternoon, you can visit the artificial island of Odaiba and admire the magnificent view of Tokyo bay. The Nippon capital is waiting to reveal all its charms thanks to regular Air France flights.
If you like nature, you will find plenty to your taste as Japan, contrary to popular opinion, is not just a land of large cities. You can hike in the mountains with their lush forests, and see the mountain lakes and superb snow-capped extinct volcanoes. Air France offers several flights to visit Japan. Before you leave, check the different formalities required for your journey.

Japan and its numerous monuments

In Japan, you can visit several monuments, temples and extraordinary historical sites, many of which are recognised as World Heritage sites by UNESCO. In the Horyu-Ji region, don't miss the famous Buddhist monuments, and then carry on towards the ancient city of Kyoto where you will discover many typically Japanese historical monuments. Another spectacle, just as rich and offering a complete change of scenery, awaits you at Nara, not forgetting the temples and sanctuaries in Nikko sufficiently splendid in themselves to make the whole visit worthwhile. The Kii Mountains are criss-crossed by pilgrimage routes and remarkable holy sites, such as the archaeological sites, temples and gardens in Hiraizumi, symbols of Pure Land Buddhism. Finally, complete your visit with the superb Mount Fuji.

Japanese Food

In Japan, food is an integral part of the country's culture, and among the best in the world. Enjoy a few gastronomic meals and taste the Kobe beef, eaten in in a Sukiyaki or shabu-shabu fondue. Accompanied by vegetables and a sauce, this meat will amaze you by its exceptional tenderness. Also try the famous sushis made with raw fish and rice, sprinkled with vinegar or rolled in a leaf of dried seaweed. Other typical Japanese dishes are often flavoured with herbs such as wasabi which has a very strong taste, or ginger and soya which is one of the basic ingredients of Japanese cookery. An unmissable culinary discovery, made possible thanks to the many Air France flights to Japan.

Preparing your journey to Japan