Ivory Coast, a multi-faceted country

Located in West Africa, the Ivory Coast is still largely ignored by tourists. However, you will be amazed by the variety of marvellous sites which fill the country. From its modern capital Abidjan to the national parks and the remarkable coastal beaches, the Ivory Coast offers a unique heritage. Add to that the friendliness of the inhabitants and the cultural riches of the country, and you won't want to wait before discovering this destination. All year round, Air France offers regular flights to the Ivory Coast.

Visit the Ivory Coast and its capital, Abidjan

During your visit to the Ivory Coast, you will discover this country's many different facets. Abidjan, a modern capital with 4 million inhabitants, has become a busy cosmopolitan city. As well as the skyscrapers, don't miss the Cocody market, the surprising and futuristic Saint-Paul's Cathedral and the Banco forest, a 3 000 hectare national park in the middle of Abidjan. An excellent starting point before setting out to discover the magnificent natural landscapes in the heart of the country. Just a few kilometres from the centre of Abidjan, you will also find beautiful beaches including the Grand-Bassam. So take advantage of the regular Air France flights to discover the capital of the Ivory Coast.

Visit the Ivory Coast's UNESCO World Heritage sites

There is no shortage of national parks in the Ivory Coast, and they offer a unique experience. In the west of the country, you can discover the Tai National Park, recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage site since 1981. The north-east of the country houses one of the largest protected areas in West Africa: the Comoe National Park. This exceptional site, also recognised by UNESCO offers a remarkable variety of species of animals and vegetation. In addition to its numerous parks, the different regions of the Ivory Coast offer a lush vegetation. Towards the east and the north, admire the green hills stretching away into the distance, and drink in the beauty of the African landscapes.
The Ivory Coast's climate is sub-equatorial. The best time to visit the country is between November and March, when the rain stops and the temperature remains around 30°C. Naturally, Air France offers numerous flights for this ideal destination during this period.

Preparing your voyage to the Ivory Coast