Italy, a profusion of history and landscapes

At the very mention of Italy, plenty of images come to mind. Gastronomy, exuberance, art, archaeological sites, remarkable scenery… Italy offers a richness of culture and natural beauty unlike anything anywhere else, making it one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. From Piedmont in the north to Pouilles in the south, from the eternal city of Rome to the Most Serene Venice, from Pompeii to Herculanum, Italy's innumerable tourist attractions will supply everything you want from your voyage. Take your choice: get alongside stars from around the world who come to take advantage of the fabulous scenery of the Amalfi coast, revisit the artistic movements started in Italy in one of the many museums in Rome, Venice and Florence, or just settle down to the delightful confusion of Southern Italy, typified by Naples. All year round, Air France flights give you the opportunity to discover Italy's extraordinary heritage.

Discover Italy's eternal cities

Is it really necessary to describe the sumptuous cities of Rome, Venice or Florence? Many centuries old, these cities alone suffice to demonstrate Italy's exceptional heritage, and are remarkable witnesses to Italy's artistic influence around the world. It would take several visits to discover all the vast architectural and artistic riches of these cities. After visiting mythical Rome, the Coliseum and the Sistine Chapel, set off in a gondola to discover Venice, whose romantic atmosphere is unequalled anywhere in the world. On land or on water, Venice will give you the strange impression of being in a painting by Canaletto or Guardi. A city well worth discovering with Air France . Finally head for Florence, whose historical centre has remained unchanged in a world of change since the XVIth century. A chance to immerse yourself in the period of the Renaissance.

Italy, a mosaic of landscapes

After the emotions provoked by the cities in Northern Italy, head for Naples, in the south. City of all the extremes, Naples is a mixture of centuries-old architecture and the exuberance of modern-day Italy. More than just another city to visit, you have to live Naples to understand it. Then head for the foot of Vesuvius and discover Pompeii, a city frozen 2 000 years ago after a terrible volcanic eruption. A remarkable contrast to the lively Naples just a few kilometres away! Then continue toward the Amalfi coast, considered the most beautiful coast in Italy thanks to its picturesque villages and its varied scenery. After that, it only remains to throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, in Rome, and make a wish to come back and visit Italy again one day.

Preparing your voyage to Italy