Ireland and its friendly capital, Dublin

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is the country's largest city but still remains a truly human city, very pleasant for tourists! You can go almost everywhere on foot. And above all, Dublin is a city with a unique character. Its population is very young, one of the youngest in Europe, and as a result, the atmosphere is pleasant and festive. The most lively quarter is undoubtedly Temple Bar. There are numerous trendy pubs and restaurants and the narrow streets of the quarter add their own charm. Elsewhere, O'Connell Street, a wide avenue lined with modern buildings and statues, offers a completely different atmosphere. Dublin is a city in Ireland which attracts a large number of foreigners, and so is a cosmopolitan and open capital. People are generally very welcoming. Among the unmissable sites in Dublin, Saint-Patrick's cathedral is the largest church in Ireland. Inside, you will find the tomb of the famous Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver's Travels. If you like Irish beer, don't miss the Guinness Storehouse, a museum installed in a huge brewery dating from the early XXth century. You will have to visit no fewer than seven storeys to learn all about the brewing process and, of course, enjoy a good glass of Guinness! Air France offers several flights each week to Dublin, for a heart-warming visit!

Ireland and its wild nature

Ireland offers many spectacular landscapes: wide green spaces which will delight hikers. We can begin with the mythical Connemara, in the west of the country. Vast moors and fields as far as the eye can see where sheep come to graze. A true postcard landscape, where you can walk for hours and discover Gaelic customs and culture. Also in the west of Ireland, don't miss the dark coloured Cliffs of Moher. The environment remains wild and the light is fantastic morning and evening. If you like cliffs, visit the highest in Europe on Achill Island the largest island in Ireland. Finally, if you are in the south of the country, discover the Ring of Kerry, the most popular peninsula in Ireland with its magnificent bays on the seafront. The closest city is Cork and Air France offers flights to this city in the far south of the country, Ireland's "front door"!

Preparing your journey to Ireland