Indonesia's countless islands

The capital of Indonesia is the city of Jakarta. The country is made up of 17 508 islands. It is the largest archipelago in the world. 6 000 islands are uninhabited and some of them have not even been named. Densely populated, Indonesia is home to more than 300 races. On the island of Java, you can visit many magnificent sites recognised as part of UNESCO's World Heritage. For example, a visit to Borobudur; Prambanan where the first Sangiran men appeared, is a must. Don't miss the Ujung Kulon National Park and the lush shady forests of the island of Sumatra. The Lorentz National Park on Papua is also remarkable.
You can also enjoy a pleasant stay on the island of Bali. With its equatorial climate, you can visit all year round to relax, bathe, and practice undersea diving and other nautical activities. However, it is best to visit Bali in May, September or October, avoiding the times when there are the most tourists. Indonesia is also the third largest forest region in the world. There are several possible excursions to discover the local flora.
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Visit Java and Bali in Indonesia

It is virtually impossible to visit all the Indonesian islands in just a few weeks. You could begin with excursions to Bali and Java. In Java, begin your visit with the Sultan Kraton's Palace in Yogyakarta. You can also see the bird market and a tradition puppet show called wayang Kulit. In the outskirts of the city, don't forget to stop at the Mount Bromo. To the east of the island, you can see the Kawah volcano, then continue your journey by boat to Bali On arrival, begin by bathing in the clear water of one of the southern beaches such as Kuta or Legian. Then visit the Besakih temple and the Tirtagganga Water Palace. Walk around the rice fields and watch the local highly coloured traditional dances.

Discover Indonesia's traditional cooking

Indonesian cookery is extremely varied, with plenty of colour and flavour. You can taste a Nasi campur, a dish composed of several of the principal Indian recipes. Gado-gado is a salad made with highly spiced cooked vegetables and accompanied by a peanut sauce. Soto is a stock based on chicken, rice, noodles and vegetables, and also fish or meatballs. Cap-cai is a variety of cooked and highly spiced vegetables. Gudeg has an unusual and delicious flavour, prepared with jaquier fruits cooked in coconut milk. Also try Lontong, made from rice pressed into cubes and served in banana leaves. Finally, taste the tens of other specialities with their varied and exotic flavours.

Preparing your journey to Indonesia