Take off for Fortaleza

What you need to know before booking your flight to Fortaleza

With 2.4 million inhabitants and an area of 313.8 km², Fortaleza is Brazil's fifth largest city in terms of both population and surface area. Placed at sea level, Fortaleza is in the Nordeste region, in north-eastern Brazil, on the Atlantic coast. Founded in 1725 under Dutch influence, its motto is the Latin word Fortitudine, meaning strength or courage. The city's climate is semi-arid, despite the nearby hills which attract rain during the summer. December and January are the hottest months, but the temperature does not vary much, with an average of 26.5°. Fortaleza has the highest GDP in Nordeste, ahead of Salvador de Bahia . The city's wealth comes primarily from a wide range of commerce, but also from industries such as shoe manufacturing, wheat growing and mining.
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Unmissable sights in Fortaleza

A much sought-after tourist destination, Fortaleza attracts a large number of visitors every year thanks to the wide variety of attractions on offer. Among the places which have made the city famous, the Beach Park is one of the first you should discover during your visit to Fortaleza: it is Brazil's largest aquatic park. The city also boasts many cultural sites. Whether you prefer the theatre, history or architecture, you'll enjoy visiting Fortaleza's cultural sites, including:
  • the José-Alencar theatre
  • the Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura, bringing together in particular the modern art museum, a cinema and a planetarium
  • Fortaleza's metropolitan cathedral
  • the stronghold of Our Lady of the Assumption, which dates from the foundation of the city
  • the Mucuripe lighthouse

During your stay in Fortaleza, immerse yourself in the city's atmosphere by taking a walk on the Praça do Ferreira, the heart of the city, in the Mercado Central or in the Coco Park, the largest green space in the city.
Do you just want to lie back and relax? Then Fortaleza's 34 kilometres of beaches are for you: plenty of opportunities to bask in the sun.

Useful information for a pleasant stay in Fortaleza

The time difference between London and Fortaleza is 4 hours: it is noon in Fortaleza when it is 4 PM in the British capital. Like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro , the currency in Fortaleza is the real. Public transport in the city of Fortaleza is well organised and allows you to get around easily. You have a choice of bus, metro or taxi; if you take a taxi, make sure that the rates are clearly displayed in the window, as required by law since 2010. If you want to buy a few souvenirs of Fortaleza to bring back in your luggage, head for the shopping centre installed in the city's former prison: local craft, lace and ceramics are all on sale. To discover the local cuisine, try a plate of carne de sol (dried beef), farofa or feijoada. Fortaleza observes a few local public holidays: March 19th, August 15th, Good Friday and Corpus Christi.

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