Discover Florence, right in the heart of Tuscany

Florence, an exceptional town to be seen by all! Nicknamed "La Bella", Florence is a real architectural, historical and artistic gem. The city is the capital of Tuscany - one of Italy's most beautiful regions. It is home to close to 400,000 inhabitants and is one of the most acclaimed tourist destinations in the world.
The city can easily be accessed by plane, with Air France offering regular airline tickets to Florence departing from London, with lay-overs in Paris or Amsterdam. Your flight to Florence will be short, and in just 3h (without counting the lay-over time) you will be walking the city's streets. Once there, remember to put your watch back one hour because of the time difference.

To book your trip to Florence, spring or autumn are the best times. Temperatures are still pleasant and there are fewer tourists. Generally speaking, remember that as the destination is highly-acclaimed, we recommend booking and organising your trip far in advance so you can enjoy it fully.

Florence, an exceptional artistic heritage

During your trip to Florence, you will be totally amazed by the town's cultural and artistic heritage. Considered to be the cradle of Italian Renaissance, the city in itself is a real work of art. There are many palaces, squares, museums and churches to be discovered - all more beautiful than the last. This is naturally why the town was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. To list but a few remarkable sites not to be missed during your visit, here is the Gothic Santa Maria Del Fiore cathedral and its exceptional dome by Brunelleschi. It is the city's most visited site, located right on the beautiful Piazza del Duomo. The marble-clad buildings will no doubt leave you in awe. Nearby, discover the Campanile de Giotto tower and its exceptional lookout point, or the San Giovanni baptistery.

You can also discover the Palazzo Vecchio, erected in the centre of the plazza della Signioria - which used to be an important political centre and still today serves as the Town Hall. Part of it has however been turned into a museum.

To carry on your trip through Florence, discover the oldest bridge in the city, crossing the Arno River and bearing testimony to medieval times - still home to jewellery and precious stone shops. Curious visitors can cross the bridge through the secret historical passage - created so the Duke Cosme I of Tuscany could join the Pitti Palace.

For more details on the many works of art exhibited in Florence, you will need to make a (long) stop in the Degli Uffizi gallery. The richness of its collections make it the most visited museum in Florence, with works of art by major artists such as Michelangelo, Giotte, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Pietro Perugino or Raphael. You can expect an exceptionally rich programme.

Florence, the city of romance

With its idyllic atmosphere, pleasant climate and natural beauty, your trip to Florence will be the perfect dream-like getaway. In addition to its phenomenal heritage, you can take the time to discover the peaceful way of life there, with its simple yet delicious cuisine.
Between two cultural visits, do not miss out on a stroll through the Boboli gardens - which are perfect representations of Italian-style gardens with their flowers and majestic fountains. To finish off the day in the best possible way, you could climb up to the heights of San Miniato al Monte, in front of the Roma church. The sunset over Florence is absolutely magnificent!

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