Egypt, Africa's Lighthouse

The Arab Republic of Egypt is located at the extreme north-east of the African continent, and serves as an intersection between the Maghreb and the Middle-East. It has the third largest population in Africa, 85 million inhabitants, of whom 16 million live in the capital, Cairo. The territory is crossed from south to north by the Nile, one of the largest rivers in the world. This has created a fertile strip along its route, in dramatic contrast to the huge desert areas which cover the rest of this country of more than a million km². Egypt offers a wide variety of places to visit, from the beaches of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, to a hike in the middle of the desert to the remarkable monuments of the ancient civilisation of the Pharaohs.
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Egyptian History: antiquity and modernity

The land of Egypt today is almost identical to that inhabited more than 5000 years ago by one of the world's earliest civilisations, which prospered thanks to the fertile banks of the river Nile. The remains of the buildings and monuments left by the Pharaohs are a priceless heritage, and include two of the seven Wonders of the World: the Gizeh Pyramids and the ruins of the Lighthouse at Alexandria. Even today, we are still fascinated by ancient Egypt's impressive and grandiose architecture and the many treasures which have come down to us through the centuries. Nowadays, you can also admire modern Egyptian constructions such as the Suez Canal and the Aswan Dam. So many more reasons, as if they were needed, to book a flight to this ideal destination.

Egypt's tourist destinations

Tourism in Egypt attracts on average 11 million visitors each year and employs 4 million people. There are a host of "must-see" sites. Apart from the unmissable pyramids and the majestic Sphinx, you can join an expedition in the desert, enjoy the beautiful beaches by the Red Sea, take a cruise along the Nile or visit the souks and museums in Cairo. Not forgetting the many temples in Abou Simbel, Luxor, Memphis or Saqqara. For nature lovers, the country offers many species of birds and mammals and vegetation adapted to the difficult conditions of the region. You will also meet dromedaries, gazelles and swans, at the same time as you admire palm trees and papyrus.

Preparing your journey to Egypt