Experience Dubai's outrageousness

A city where anything is possible, Dubai has had incredible economic development in recent years. It is one of the planet's most innovative and dynamic cities. Built in the middle of a desert, Dubai does not want to stop and is constantly changing. Today it is one of the most popular luxury tourist destinations. The rapid development has been financed mainly by petrol profits. The city is also an important port. Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, larger than Abou Dabi, the administrative capital. Dubai is the city of all eccentricities with its futurist skyscrapers and crazy, gigantic building projects. It has over than two million inhabitants and is also an important hub for air travel. Many visitors come for only a few hours to experience the sun and admire the city's huge buildings.
It is a shopping capital yet Dubai also has a more traditional aspect, closer to Arabic society. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city, a destination that welcomes many nationalities and acts as the gateway to the Middle East.

Dubai, a paradise for luxury and entertainment

Today, Dubai attracts tourists from around the world with its entertainment infrastructures and luxurious appointments.
The city has many malls that have made the city world-famous. The Mall of the Emirates, one of the world's largest malls, has a shopping area of 220 000 m². It also has an artificial ski resort. Malls are organised like small cities. Dubai has colossal projects such as the City of Arabia an authentic city within the city which includes an immense mall, residential areas as well as a theme park. The visitor can find everything that he/she wants. Every year, the city organises the Dubai Shopping Festival with many animations.
In addition to malls, tourists can visit the city's souks. The most impressive ones are the Madinat Souk and the Deira Gold Market.
Dubai has many architecturally exceptional buildings. Among the must-sees are the Jumeirah mosque, the Burj Al Arab Hotel and the Burj Khalifa Tower, the tallest skyscraper in the world towering at 828 meters.

Dubai in the heart of the desert

A must-see, the desert is the only "natural" tourist attraction in Dubai. Make a unique visit to the desert at the end of the day in a 4x4 or on camel-back. You may also stay the night.
Dubai has an exceptional location on the Persian Gulf. In addition to its beaches, Dubai has gradually extended its territory into the sea thanks to the creation of small islands and artificial archipelagos such as Palm Jumeirah. It has luxury villas as well as private and tourist residences. Relaxation, beach and water sports are the main activities in these neighbourhoods in Dubai.
For a more typical view, discover the Heritage Village, a replica of old Dubai. Deira and Bur Dubai are some of the city's historical neighbourhoods near Dubai Creek. The perfect place to learn more about Dubai's origin, the arrival of Bedouins and pearl culture.

Useful information about Dubai

Air France offers very competitively priced plane tickets to Dubai. Europeans only need a valid passport to enter the United Arab Emirates . It is important to pack light clothing with long sleeves due to high heat and sun. Dubai has a subtropical, arid climate. In summer, it is particularly hot and there are frequent sand storms. The best time to visit Dubai is in winter, from November through March when temperatures are pleasant and there is more humidity. There is a 4-hour time difference in winter and a 3-hour difference in summer between Dubai and London.

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