Douala - the multi-ethnic, multi-national city that's at the heart of the Cameroonian economy

Douala has developed in recent years into a bustling transport and economic hub that's home to more than 3 million people. Boasting a range of eclectic architecture due to successive waves of European influence - Portuguese, German, French - Douala, located in the southwest of Cameroon can be reached from London via Paris through regular Air France flights. The local currency is the Central African Franc, the time zone is GMT +1 and English, and especially French, is understood by many people. The climate is tropical, with a marked rainy season running from June to October. Whatever time of year you opt to travel, the most competitive prices on airplane tickets to this destination are to be found on Air France's promotional fares .

Douala hosts Cameroon's main port, through which travel the country's main exports, including coffee, timber, oil and cocoa. The city itself boasts a number of interesting colonial era buildings, including the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, built by the French in 1936 and the palace of the Bell royal family, often called 'the Pagoda', constructed by the Germans for the local ruling family in 1905. Other sites of interest are to be found dotted around the city, such as:
  • La Nouvelle Liberté statue
  • The Temple du Centenaire Baptist church
  • The Marché des Fleurs flower and crafts market
  • Doual'Art, a contemporary art gallery

Another major draw to the city, whether you're here on holiday or have made the journey for business purposes, is the delicious local cooking.There's food inspired by the French, such as patisseries, and restaurants run by the large expat Lebanese community, but above all, there's Cameroonian cuisine in all its diversity. Due to its geographical position in the centre of the African continent, Cameroon's food and drink has been subjected to influences from all over Africa. Classic dishes include ndolé, a highly-spiced stew with meat, shrimp, bitterleaf greens, pork rind and peanut paste, Sangah, (maize, cassava and palmnut juice), curries, fish and skewered meats.

'Africa in miniature', Cameroon, with its wealth of diverse landscapes, is yours to explore the minute you touch down in Douala

Cameroon is widely known in Africa for possessing all of the main climate zones and vegetation types of the continent, from mountains to rainforest, savannah, deserts, mangroves and more! Douala is situated in the coastal strip of the country, but also lies close to the more mountainous northwest of Cameroon. Mount Cameroon is West Africa's highest mountain, at 4040 metres. On the coast, the attractive town of Limbe is set in a gorgeous location and as a result, is a favourite place for many tourists to stay. Its attractions include a black sand beach and botanical gardens. To the south of Douala lies the Douala-Edéa Wildlife Reserve, an expanse of equatorial and mangrove forest populated by creatures such as forest elephants, chimpanzees and manatees. All of these places are a relatively short distance from Douala.
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