Discover all the attractions of Curitiba before your departure

Curitiba, a model city

Curitiba, in southern Brazil, is the capital city of the state of Paraná. It is built at an altitude of 930 metres in the Serra do Mar foothills. Curitiba's climate is subtropical tending towards continental, resulting in cool summers and cold winters, but no dry season. Its population has tripled over the last 25 years to 1.5 million inhabitants today. In Latin America, Curitiba is seen as a model city. It is an excellent example of town planning, especially with regard to waste management, regional development and availability of work. Rated the 3rd smartest city in the world by the magazine Forbes in 2009, Curitiba's efficient and innovative public transport system has inspired other South American cities including Bogota.
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What to see and do during a visit to Curitiba?

Curitiba's architecture alone is worth a visit to the city. Known as the glass city, the majority of Curitiba's buildings are made from modern materials. The Arame Opera, for example, has a suprising circular form with visible iron pipes. The Oscar-Niemeyer Museum is another elegant combination of art and architecture in a modern structure. Lovers of architecture will also appreciate the Nossa Senhora de Luz cathedral, built in 1893, and the Tiradentes square. The many green areas of the city form another attraction. Known as Brazil's Green Capital, it offers some thirty city parks. A visit to the botanic garden is a must during your stay in Curitiba. The 4th largest botanic garden in the country, inspired by French gardens, it is famous for its metal and glass structure in which you can admire a wide range of plants. If you appreciate parks, don't miss the Barigui park, the Tingui park and the German Wood (bosque alemão). For an unbeatable view of Curitiba, climb to the top of the Panoramic Tower. Over a 100 metres high, this tower offers a 360° view of the city. Take time to relax in one of the many themed cafes in the city (French, German, Portuguese, etc.). Finally, soak in the city atmosphere by wandering through one of the markets throughout the city. Take you choice from:
  • Feira do Batel
  • Praça da Ucrânia
  • Feira do Largo da Ordem

Things to know before your stay in Curitiba

There is a time difference of 4 hours between London , and Curitiba: it is 8 AM in Curitiba when it is noon in London. As everywhere in Brazil, the currency in Curitiba is the real; foreign exchange offices are easy to find in the city. To get around the city, use the very efficient public transport network. The overland metro, or metro-bus, offers rapid journeys. You can visit the city's many shopping centres, most of which open until 9 or 10 PM during the week, and also on Sundays. Finally, September 8th is a public holiday in Curitiba, in honour of Nossa Senhora da Luz dos Pinhais.

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