Cuba, its beaches, its capital, its history

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean. It is not a single island but made up of several, including Isla de la Juventud (Youth) and a multitude of islets known as caios. The capital of Cuba is the city of Havana. The language here is Spanish. The climate is tropical and the temperature varies between 25 and 30°C the whole year round. You can come here at any time to bathe in the warm turquoise water. But the best time is the dry season, from November to May, even if the other months are also pleasant. The Cuban people are very hospitable to foreigners and respect other people's religious beliefs and traditions. You'll enjoy reciprocating this simple and natural friendship. The inhabitants are racially mixed as this country was colonised by both Spain and Africa over a long period of time. There are 11.5 million inhabitants, of whom no fewer than 3 million live in Havana.
All year round, Air France offers numerous flights to Cuba. Before you set out, don't forget to check the legal formalities required.

Visiting Cuba

In addition to the beautiful beaches and the clear warm water, you can discover Cuba's magnificent UNESCO World Heritage sites on foot. The old city of Havana and its fortifications are truly splendid. You can spend hours there just walking around. You mustn't miss the San Pedro de la Roca castle. Make the most of your time and visit the famous coffee plantations in the south-east of the island, together with the Vinalès valley. While you visit the capital, stop at one of the restaurants where you can enjoy local specialities such as lobster, cochinito (grilled pork), crab, turtle and crocodile, served in the Guama restaurants. You can also enjoy going out for a drink in the evening to taste Bacardi rum, the national speciality. You can choose from more than a hundred different deliciously fresh cocktails in the small bars with their joyful atmosphere. To visit Cuba and take in the atmosphere, we suggest that you book a Casa Particulare or Bed and Breakfast. Generally less expensive than a hotel, they offer good traditional cooking and can be found near the major tourist sites.

Undersea diving in Cuba

Cuba is an excellent location for undersea diving. Its thousands of kilometres of coastline and the coral reefs around the islets are ideal for this sport, whether you are an adept or a beginner. The three sites richest in submarine fauna and flora are the Bay of Pigs, Maria la Gorda and Youth Island. Discover the multi-coloured fish, and the algae and coral around the rocks. So many reasons to set out to discover this enchanting land on one of Air France's regular flights to Cuba.

Preparing your journey to Cuba