Colombia's exceptional nature

Colombia, located in the north-west of South America, opens its doors for an extraordinary visit. This country, the fourth largest on the continent, (more than 1.1 million km2), is the only one with both Atlantic and Pacific coastlines, making it possible to find extremely different - but always splendid - landscapes, depending on where you are. Like its flora, the Colombian fauna is particularly varied. With iguana, monkeys, pink dolphins and even tapirs, you'll meet many surprising creatures.
Colombia enjoys very beautiful beaches by the Caribbean sea which appeal to tourists. The San Andreas archipelago is particularly appreciated. At a distance of 700 km from the Colombian coast, these islands are home to luxuriant vegetation and are an ideal spot for a calm holiday. The country's climate is another major attraction. The temperature varies between 24 and 35°C on the coast but can fall to 10°C at high altitude. Note that Air France offers regular flights to Colombia. Before you set out, don't forget to check the legal formalities required.

Colombia, unmissable places and activities

On arriving at Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, set out to discover the city and its treasures. You could begin with the Plaza de Bolivar, the city's central square, where you will find in particular the Primada Cathedral. Then take the cable car to the summit of Montserrat. From the peak, you will have an incomparable view of the whole city. The Candelaria is perhaps the quarter which best demonstrates the diversity of Bogotá. Here you will find traditional shops with cultural centres and international restaurants just a few steps from typical Colombian cafés. And to better understand the city's history, head for the Rosario Square, with its sculpture of Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada, founder of Bogotá, a city served by regular Air France flights .
A visit to the Cartagena-De-Indias‎, in the north of the country, is also a must. This ancient colonial city is the only fortified city in Latin America, which is why so many tourists are drawn to its historic centre and the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas. Next stop, the Rosario Island Archipelago. Considered as home to the most beautiful of the Colombian beaches, these islands are an ideal spot for diving to discover the beauty of the sea-bed in the area.
In the south, opposite Cartagena, is the Saint Augustine Archaeological Park. Listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, this site is home to huge religious monuments, as well as megalithic sculptures dating from the VIIIth century. Not far from there are the Salto de Bordones, the second largest waterfall in Central America. Although overlooked by many tourists, Colombia is filled which many charming sites which are bound to delight you.

Preparing your journey to Colombia