Chile, widely differing wild landscapes

Located between Peru and Cape Horn, Chile is a long strip of land stretching for nearly 4 300 km from north to south. The Andes mountain range forms a natural border separating Chile from Argentina and Bolivia. In the north of the country, you can visit the remarkable Atacama desert, on the border with Peru. This desert is an exceptional site for star-gazing, thanks to the clean air, or to admire pink flamingos on the Salar. You will also discover the magnificent volcanoes dotted here and there in the Andes, in particular Ojos Del Salado which at 6 893 metres is the highest volcano in the world. Between the mountains and the ocean are vast plains covered with several forests and vineyards. Don't forget to explore the steppes, fjords and glaciers of the Terra del Fuego and Patagonia. And finally, the unique, unforgettable and unmissable site, the mysterious Easter Island. With so many places to visit, Chile is a country much sought-after by tourists. The climate, the long beaches, the friendliness of the inhabitants and its fauna and flora make Chile an ideal destination for a superb holiday. Air France offers several flights each week to Chile. Before you set out, don't forget to consult the Foreign Office for information concerning your visit.

Visit Chile's five main regions

The first region is the Norte Grande. It is spectacular thanks to the Atacama Desert strewn with oases irrigated by water from the melting snow on the Andean peaks.
Then the Norte Chico, a region of remarkable contrasts, from the Andean Mountains to the rich and beautiful valleys, not forgetting the deserts.
Central Chile enjoys a Mediterranean climate. You can visit the cities of Santiago and Valparaiso. Araucania is a superb region south of Santiago, the capital of Chile. It offers many lakes, large forests and prairies.
The fourth major region to visit is Patagonia and Terra del Fuego. Don't miss the numerous islands separated by the fjords. Finally, the Pacific Islands, including the mysterious and superb Easter Island with its mysterious giant statues known as moai.

Discover Chile on foot

Chile offers nearly 8 500 km of hiking paths from north to south. You can walk around the national parks and reserves to discover the deserts, lakes and fjords. The fauna and flora are extremely diverse. The famous W circuit allows you to admire the most beautiful landscapes in Chile.

Preparing your journey to Chile