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Caracas - a blend of rustic and refined

World Heritage sites stand among imposing modern areas in this capital city. Caracas lies just 15km from the Caribbean coast and offers visitors a combination of a city, sun and nature reserves, a taste of everything… Venezuela is a beautiful country with hospitable people. Expect a cosmopolitan city, skyscrapers, nightlife, a vibrant cultural life and trendy shopping

Caracas - the highlights of a diverse city

Downtown, El Silencio is the area for discovering the historical heritage of Caracas. Majestic buildings dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, churches and the Latin American leader of the independence movement, Simon Bolivar is honoured by the Plaza Bolivar. Indeed, Caracas is the birthplace of this prominent figure; you can visit the Casa Natal El Libertador, the house where Bolivar, the liberator, was born.
Here are all of the major sites in El Silencio:

  • El Pantéon Nacional - where important or famous Venezuelans are buried. The Vault is decorated with paintings of scenes of the life of Bolivar. Many officers of the War of Independence in the 19th century are honoured here as well as prominent, writers, doctors and musicians.
  • El Palacio de Miraflores - Official residence of the President of Venezuela. A grand and ornate structure built in the late 19th century.
  • Museo Arturo Michelena - 19th century house and studio of the Venezuelan artist, Arturo Michelena, now a museum for his works.
  • Teatro Nacional - National Opera House, imposing eclectic style architecture

A short walk from El Silencio, you can admire the architecture of Caracas in the heart of the city's central park, El Parque Central. Visit the Complejo Cultural Teresa Carreno to enjoy ballet performances, concerts and more…
If you have a weakness for museums, you are in for a treat with many interesting museums available for the young and old. For a family treat, the Museo de los Ninos, where you enter a magical universe of colours, textures and play, one of the gems of the site is the "Room of a thousand colours"…other famous museums include the Museo de Arte Contemperaneo Sofia Imber, Museo des Ciencias Naturales.
For a taste of colonial Caracas, you can head to El Hatillo, a 16th century town that has since become a suburb in the south of the capital. Quieter than the city centre, you can wander about the narrow streets with its pretty facades and squares; there are many restaurants, shops and art galleries to enjoy here.
Eating out will also be a pleasure for your palate, Caracas is renowned for its bold chefs, daring cuisine combining European recipes with local, fresh ingredients, dishes such as cordero al café (lamb in coffee sauce) or more traditional foods, finger foods, pasapalos, seafood…

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