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Canton - a gem on the Pearl River

Canton is an attractive city for tourists wishing to visit China. Prosperous and thriving capital of the Guangzhou Province on the southern coast of China, bustling Canton welcomes visitors, offering a real taste of developed and modern China as well as opportunities to view legendary hallmarks such as White Cloud Mountain and the Five Rams statue in Yuexiu Park.
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Sightseeing in Canton - starting with Yuexiu Park

Recognised as an important historical and cultural city in China, visitors can take a walk through the past in the stunning Yuexiu Park. Situated in the heart of the city, a vast 200 acres of park land, lakes and hills of the Yuexiu Mountain whence its name together with lush landscapes, historic statues and relics such as the Five Rams Statue, which also is the city's emblem. One of the legends of the city's early prosperity gives credit to five immortals who rode rams to the area, bringing grains of rice and many blessings. The park is also home to the Zenhai Tower, built originally during the 14th century by Zhu Liangzu of the Ming dynasty, to waylay a sorcerer's prediction of the arrival of a new ruler. Since its beginnings, the tower has been destroyed and rebuilt five times and today houses the Guangzhou Museum, dedicated to the history of the Province. Visitors can easily spend a whole day enjoying the beautiful setting, exotic plants and flowers and can also dine in one of the restaurants, shop at a stall or even take a dip in the swimming pool!

Canton - view the city's lights by night on a boat

The Pearl River offers great opportunities to enjoy stunning views of Canton and the Guangzhou Province. You can take a boat ride and enjoy Canton's urban beauty. Modern hotels, office blocks and a shopping centre line the river banks, lit up at night for spectacular results! The river also offers a leisurely promenade along the Scenery Corridor, several kilometres long; the historical buildings blend with the new forming harmoniously pleasant river scenes.
From Canton, several buses and a tourist cable car go to the top of the legendary White Cloud Mountain. Beautiful is too modest a description of the site, city folk escape from urban to natural surroundings, a promise of peace and relaxation fulfilled by the various parks and gardens on the mountain, including a Sculpture Park and the largest aviary in China with its many species of birds, a great day out of town for the whole family.
The Ancestral Temple of the Chen family, situated in the Province is also another major attraction here, with its typical symmetrical construction style, built in dedication and sacrifice to Chen's ancestor's, today, the temple is an Arts and Crafts museum.

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