Cambodia, nature conservation and idyllic beaches

Located in south-east Asia, Cambodia is less well-known as a tourist destination than its more famous neighbour, Thailand. But the country has nothing to be ashamed of! With nearly 15 million inhabitants and a surface area of 181 000 km², Cambodia's protected environment and rich biodiversity attract a large number of tourists. Life here goes along at the pace of the river Mekong which crosses the country and flows through the capital, Phnom Penh. Cross the country by boat or by car, and enjoy the breath-taking landscapes. At the same time, discover timeless sites, in particular the fishing village of Kampong Cham, in the south. Take the opportunity to visit the Bokor National Park in the south-west, a place filled with mysteries.
After discovering these unbelievable landscapes, Sihanoukville is the ideal place to relax. This seaside resort offers several beaches with white sand and crystal-clear water. The climate is ideal for relaxation with temperatures between 25 and 35°C all year round. However, the period from November to May is the best, as there is heavy rain the rest of the year. Air France offers regular flights to Cambodia. To avoid problems, don't forget to check the entry requirements before your departure.

Discover Cambodia's capital and its heritage

In addition to nature, Cambodia's past has left a rich and fascinating heritage. Begin with a visit to Phnom Penh and board a touk-touk to take in the atmosphere of the city. The capital is filled with treasures waiting to be discovered: the Royal Palace (home to the Silver Pagoda and several statues of Buddha), the Central Market and the National Museum.
But Cambodia's main attraction is without doubt the Angkor district, near the city of Siem Reap. Former capital of the Khmer Empire, this region is dotted with hundreds of temples of remarkable architecture and decoration. It would take days to visit them all, but even so, the limitless beauty of this archaeological park will continue to surprise you. For even more discoveries, head for Battambang. This province, located in the north-west, also offers numerous temples, the magnificent Kamping Pouy Lake, and the Phnom Sampov Sanctuary. During your visit, you'll be delighted by the warm welcome offered by the Cambodians. Even if the country doesn't make you want to come back, the inhabitants certainly will. Whether you're looking for relaxation, new discoveries or unforgettable encounters, Cambodia has what you need.

Planning your visit to Cambodia