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Brest - a beautiful natural harbour and life by the ports

There are many ways to describe the city of Brest, the largest city of western Brittany, one could mention the stunning beauty of its natural harbour, the busy ports, its place in French naval history as the second largest military port of France, lying at the western edge of continental Europe. With some 23,000 students, Brest is also a busy university town with lively academic and cultural life and offers plenty to entertain visitors and locals as well as the pleasures of an oceanfront city with its flora and marine life.

Popular attractions in Brest

Whether you dream of taking an invigorating swim in the ocean, soaking up the summer sunshine on one of the beautiful beaches along the coastline, such as the Moulin Blanc or the Pointe du Petit Minou, followed by a drink or meal in one of the many establishments at the Port du Commerce, Brest offers a wonderful opportunity to relax and enjoy a stay by the Atlantic Ocean.
The natural harbour of Brest is called the "Rade de Brest", a delight to explore by boat tour as well as during day excursions to the islands of Quessant and Molène. There are many water outings available, quayside leisure and of course, an array of water sports to choose from during your stay.
For sightseeing and places of interest, the National Navy Museum is reputed as one of the best of its kind. Set in the fortified castle of Brest, first built by the Romans during the 4th century, you will find a fascinating exhibition of maritime history as well as enjoying the pleasure of visiting the beautiful rooms and halls of the castle itself. Naval memorabilia, history of ship building and navigation from the beginning of maritime history up to the end of the First World War but to be experienced also are the great views of the city from the battlements and a stroll around the beautiful castle grounds. This museum offers a great family outing in Brest and for non-French speakers, audio guides are available in several languages.
In keeping with Brest's geographical and historical relationship with the Atlantic Ocean, Oceanopolis, the city's aquarium, is a vast area with over 10,000 species on display and exhibits that explain the natural history of the ocean. Visitors are invited to visit three different pavilions dedicated to marine ecosystems in tropical, temperate and polar climates with videos and shows for a complete educational programme.
A hike along "Le sentier des Douaniers", otherwise known as the Custom Officers' Patrol Footpath on the GR34, is a wonderful way to see more of the beautiful coastline, views of the ocean and the islands, and is accessible for all ages and levels.
For gourmets and seafood lovers, mealtimes are delightful in Brest thanks to the number of quality restaurants and eateries on the ports with fresh fish on the menus.
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