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Brazzaville's distinguishing feature is its proximity to the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo - Kinshasa. Indeed, on 6 km separates both capitals. Built on the right-hand side of the Congo River, the city expands over 264 km² and is home to over 1,838,000 inhabitants. It is divided into nine different districts, each with its own personality. You can thus wander through the oldest district is home to the Sape fashion movement, or Bacongo which is a more sophisticated neighbourhood housing the French Embassy (the "Casa de Gaulle"), finishing with the city centre known as Poto-Poto.

Your Air France flight will take you to Maya-Maya airport, just 4 km away from the heart of the city. It is extremely easy to find taxis to take you wherever you are staying. Otherwise, you could rent a vehicle from the airport to travel more freely. Once there, there are lots of places to visit - both in and outside town.

A city filled with attractive features

In addition to vast gardens adorned with palm and mango trees, Brazzaville also boasts a lot of monuments to be visited by tourists. If you enjoy religious architecture, you cannot miss out on the Sainte-Anne's basilica - a wondrous mixture of local and European techniques, erected in 1943 - as well as the cathedral and Notre-Dame du Rosaire Church. Pursue your discovery by walking to the episcopal palace or Javouhey convent - typical of Colonial times.
You could even wander off to the Yoro fishing harbour. Though the place may seem gloomy, you will get an amazing panoramic view of Mbamou island and impressing surrounding baobabs.
Once back from your adventure, head to Supreme Sacrifice Square in the Tchad district. It boasts a modern colonial style, was inaugurated in 1980, and is central for visiting other sites such as the Courthouse, the Air France building that complies with the rules set out by Le Corbusier, and the General Staff palace.
Carry on your stroll through the Plaine district, where you can admire the Africa fresco. This masterpiece was created by local artists and retraces the country's history.
Nabemba Tower is the symbol of contemporary architecture, rising 30 floors high and boasting a very original hyperboloid shape. The Town Hall is also worth going to see. Its architecture is cutting-edge, with asymmetrical lines that were perfectly studied. When staying in Brazzaville, you can also venture out of the city to the outskirts. You could wander out to the Mbe site, but you will definitely need a 4-wheel drive to drive the 200 km from the capital. There, you can discover the Teke people's culture by visiting various sites: Mbe-Nkoulou, Nko or Ngabe.
You can also go to the Inoni cliffs or the Foulakari falls. Nature is incredible out there. This place was also a stronghold for members of the colonisation resistance.

A successful stay in Brazzaville

The climate is the most pleasant during the summer months - June, July and August. Temperatures will rise to 29°C and there is not a drop of rain in sight. The rest of the year, temperatures can rise above 30°C, but there is more rain, especially in December.
Whether you want to travel to Brazzaville for business or pleasure, be it during the winter or summer, Air France has lots of possible flights available. As such, you can book your flight easily on our website and select where your lay-overs are. To fully prepare your trip, Air France suggests that you have a look at recommendations published by the British government and browse through the Tourist Office's website.
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